1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wedneday “AZTECS FOOTBALL= ROCK BOTTOM”

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They set a standard and now they have fallen from that pedestal.

They were supposed to be the ‘Show’ in town after the NFL left, you do remember ‘1-Team-1 Town’ and they are no longer that.

Even worse, the fans have stopped coming and the media has almost stopped caring-covering SDSU basketball.

You know you have fallen fromthe ranks when the common phrase around town is ‘when does Aztecs basketball start?’.

Brady Hoke has his hands full.  His team is (3-5).  They are (10-11) over the last two years.  They are bottom tier ranked in the NCAA in all types of offensive metrics.  The defense is no longer what it used to be.

SDSU is struggling to create the type of NIL money that would allow them to be players in recruiting and maybe more so in the Transfer Portal.

And the empty seats at the shiny new Snapdragon Stadium are almost equal to the fans in the seats.

And now the Hoke led program looks like it has hit ‘rock bottom’ with the horrendous (6-0) loss to winless Nevada, losing to a team that had lost 6-straight and 16-in a row over two seasons.

History has shown the modern day Aztecs lost to an (0-10) UNLV team in the Ted Tollner era.  The lasting memory of Chuck Long was a (73-6) trashing at TCU.  This looks like rock bottom for Bradyi Hoke.

Yes there are a bunch of winnable games left on the schedule, starting with Utah State his weekend, but the damage looks severe.

It might be coaching, it might be lack of talent, it might be scheme.  It could be a combo of all three.

How to rescue the season, regain credability, gain back the community?  You need more than 24-hours in a day to fix all that has happened at SDSU.

Coach Brady Hoke on the firing line:

Coming off bye week-guys have worked our tails off
We have to stay together as a team and we will get better
The consistency is not where we want it
2-bye weeks is unusual
We are building mental toughness
15-new starters on this roster
We have competition for starting job
We must play 1-game at a time..try to get bowl eligible

Maden not play very well last game..he has not regressed
We need consistency upfront to help the quarterback
Run 1-play well…next time we run it..we don’t run it very good
Offense is not too conservative
We look at we do well and build game plan around that

We have to do better job creating turnovers-not doing that
Turnover margins against us
You don’t know if our younger players can handle the season
Giving up (420YPG) …poor tackling this year…teaching leverage
Need better upfront play-getting off blocks
If you bring more on pass rush-you put yourself in man coverage

2-bye weeks in 3-week window..
Brought staff is earlier…did earlier recruiting-refined playbook
We may make starting lineup changes
Not fair to seniors to start playing younger players now

Tell fans-can’t think about that too much
Understand fans unhappy-we’re not happy either
This is about the kids out there…support them

Players understood how bad a loss the Nevada game was
No one accepts losses…
Questioning the program is fair..but I know

Rock bottom-I don’t know history but this was not a good loss
We are pissed off but we are working to turn this

Utah State-same record-fighting good and bad games
35-points a game..run 2-quarterbacks..force alot of turnovers on defense

Bowl games…part of good experiences for our players…that’s what we strive for
(Brandon Dixon-Cedarius Barfield)

Bad game on offense-Nevada..have to move forward
What happened was embarrassing
Not running the ball against Nevada…not protect QB better
We are pissed off…alot of goals coming into the season
Record not show what we wanted
Chunk of plays allowed on defense..people not in right position
We have guys to play better football
Past years, our guys had more experience to make right plays
2-bye weeks…the bad loss just sits there..not the best feeling
We have to look past bad game
Running back room..very good
Offensive line-need reps to get better to get blocks-get to second level

Utah State spreads you out…they throw the ball alot..WRs catch lots passes

Coaches handle this adversity..offensive coaches fixing our mistakes…we watch the films-we know what we have to do….defensive coaches frustrated but it is details-it is a technique thing…it has pulled us closer together…coaches teach us to bring our younger guys along..


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