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“PGA-Players Speak Out”-


They tee off Thursday morning in one of America’s great golf tournaments, the US Open, at a historic course, Brookline, outside of Boston.

No one is talking about the course, who will win, who’s hot-who’s not.

It’s all about the war, not Ukraine-Russia, but the sports-war PGA-vs-Saudi Super League.

It will be interesting to see how the ‘Fan’s-Man’, Phil Mickelson is treated, for leaving the Tour to take 200M guaranteed money abroad from LIV.  Will he be cheered or jeered, respected or rebellious.

The same with the others of the 20-who have now defected, former #1 star Dustin Johnson and the assortment of veterans who left

And of course, the allegations that all this is sports-washing Saudi money to make up for that country’s despicable Human Rights violations and the knowledge we have of who triggered the 9/11 attack on our country.

Still to be seen-how destructive the loss of these name players is to the Tour, or will other stars develop on the near horizon.

The golfers all talked on Tuesday:
Phil Mickelson..I want the right to choose my path
Justin Thomas..I guess everyone has their price
Rory McIlroy..Difficult to separate sports-politics..dirty money-clean dollars
Brooks Koepka..It’s a Black Cloud in golf
Dustin Johnson..There is no simple solution
Jon Rahm..This is the heart of the PGA Tour
Bryson DeChambeau..Business decision

Free Agency in golf is upon us.
Players say they want the freedom to choose.
Agents say it shows the restrictive policies of the PGA.

The 4-Grand Slams will allow the defectors to play in their tourneys.

Is there a way for the two tours to co-exist, not so if you listen to Jay Monahan of the PGA, possibly so with negotiations says LIV leader Greg Norman.

4-days of golf ahead, no solution in sight, and a fear things will never be the same again.

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