1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “A World Series-Worth Watching”

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World Series–Worth Watching”


I enjoyed it.  The World Series.

The big money Dodgers and the low budget Tampa Bay Rays.

I enjoyed it, but alot of people didn’t, because they did not watch.

Hard to believe, an electric series, all types of big game story lines, ignored by the bulk of baseball fans across the country.

Not sure what they were watching.  Aside from a couple of unbeaten NFL teams out there, there is alot of bad NFL football right now.

Not much in college football, unless you live in the 206-area code (Alabama) or a blood relative of someone wearing Orange (Clemson)

Joe Buck and John Smoltz were smooth in the booth.

Smoltz was spectacular describing the psyche storylines of pitchers and hitters. Intellectual but not overbearing.  Full of informaiton and philosphy, but not reliant on the stats and metrics.

Compare his work to that of Alex Rodriguez, who thinks he gets paid by the volume of words, and you appreciate how really good Smoltz is in the booth.  His second career as good as his credentials as a pitcher for all those years in Atlanta.

A bit surprised at the lack of use of Tom Verducci and Ken Rosenthal more during the broadcast because there were so many other topics that could have been discussed.

The telecast was all about the Dodgers and Ray, the managers, the pitchers, the stars and personalities, but Fox TV chose to ignore storylines of the Commissioner’s press conference, the money issues, Covid, upcoming free agency.  Would have added pretty good content to the pretty exciting games we saw.

What a series for the heroics of Randy Arozarena… the from the heart pitching of Blake Snell and Tyler Glasnow…. the great play of Mookie Betts in the field and in the batters box…… Justin Turner’s home run bombs….Clayton Kershaw’s  bounceback post season,…..the sizzling Corey Seager….Walker Beuhler’s dominance….the ice in the veins of Julio Urias……the two out hitting by the Dodgers (.364) and all those runs scored with two out (59) by LA..

It was home runs, catches against the wall, wild base running, gaffes, bullpen days, a guy stealing home, wild throws, runners getting tossed out at home….and guys down to their last strike driving home winning runs in walkoff fashion..

Stunning that the five games played leading into Tuesday night were the lowest rated games ever in World Series TV history….from an opening game 9.1M-viewership to an all time low 7.4M tuned in…it was suprising how much non interest existed nationwide.

The Dodgers ended 32-years of frustration by pulling away from the Rays in Game Six.  It was Betts big double, scoring from thrid on an infield hit, and then the booming insurance home run late in the game.  And 8-shutout innings of relief from a bullpen.

And all this for one of the great gentlemen of the game, Manager Dave Roberts.

A pretty good Fall Classic.  Edge of our seat stuff…lots of pulling of strings in game strategy…heroes you knew…others you didn’t know.

Doddgers win.  Dodgers win.

Great theatre…Great Series.


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  1. Craig Adams says:

    Great analysis. Thanks Lee.

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