1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Aztecs Basketball–Believes They Are Ready”

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“Aztecs Hoops”


They are hot-they are ready.
Sweet 16-basketball is upon us and San Diego State is excited.

Alabama is up ahead.  In the rear view mirror, a ton of accomplishments, from surviving the Maui Classic, to winning all those rugged Mountain West Conference road games, to doing it again the first weekend of March Madness.

A coaching staff that has built a really good program.  A veteran roster that has capitalized on a scheme.  A selfless attitude that allows SDSU to win with different heroes most every night.

What they said getting ready to head to the Sweet 16 in Louisville:

(Adam Seiko)

Transfers have made great growth
This team is well connected
Team is wired differently…each player 1-thru-9 has had big moments
Injuries-guys-down and hurt ..guys step up
We can take a team from a 10-point lead to 20-points just like that
Not going to a tourney in 30-2 covid season..has been a motivation
Blessing to be able to make the tourney this far
We experienced players invested so much in this program
We knew in summer we could be really good team
We come to work to give 100-percent everyday

We learned how to deal with Charleston-Furman toughness
Our shooters need to hit to open things up inside for our big guys
We want to make teams come out and defend us
Alabama is top five defense in country…they get down the court
Have to keep them of the boards as well
We must hit shots in the game
In tourney-we watch games-Bama is aggressive
We know how refs call games that Tide plays
Bama shoots 3’s in transition…take lot mid range jumpers..they want to score
They run high octane offense
Bama played well despite the Brandon Miller situtation
He is a hooper-he plays at high speed-makes tough shots

We haven’t forgotten the opening round loss a year ago
Disappointment how close we could have been to the Elite 8-a year ago-lost it
This is incredible experience for us
My experiences have allowed me to become a good leader
(AG Aroup)

We are a complete team
We have an inside presence to dominate
We have ability to hit 3s..allows u to hit be complete
Going against Alabama size-have to be alot smarter in the paint
Our offense should be inside and out

We embrace underdog role alot
So exicting to play a number 1-team in the nation

Road you travelled-could not ask for more in my career
This is what we all dream of
We stay together thru adversity

Brian Dutcher gave me all the space I needed to rehab
He has done so much for me
He is a calming presence-he is an unusual person

Team is equipped with talent-size-experience to get to Swett 16

We can slow down Alabama transition point..collapsing in the paint
We can defend their threes
(Brian Dutcher)

We have been on the road 8-out of-10 days
Team looked tired even with day off on Sunday
Recovery period is important

Alabama has great offense..metrically really good defense
Play both ends of the floor.they are so good

Aztecs can be unstoppable if we hit 3’s.
Alabama is really long on defense-it takes you out of the game plan
Contesting shot harder..bigger players going over smaller players

Refs felt lst weekend too physical…have to see if adjustments are made

I was so disappointed in the 30-2 teams not getting chance to play
Malachi-Yonny-KJ never got a taste of March Madness

Deep roster determines who plays-that’s why our bench is so important
Strength is depth and numbers

Alabama problems off the court has not bled onto the court
Played hi level..win SEC…winning in March
Brandon Miller is rolling you have to double him
He is like Steph Curry when he gets going
Sears-Quninney are downhill guys going into the paint

Maui Classic..3-games in 3-nites…we made adjustments
Losing has greater effect-it helped us get better and grow

Adam is a run-screen and shoot player…Derriorn is a shooter off picks
Micah-Lemont-Matt..must get 3’s

Physical-tough teams have given Bama trouble..we are used to play physical
Their players get to their shots

We get paid to win..that’s how we are wired to do this
If we are the best version of ourself-we have a chance to win

Group is greatful for evrything they have
Not one player has come asked for more from NIL
The kids love this experience and the education
Kids picked best environment when they came to SDSU.

AG-Nathan..rode the roller coaster of life with injuries…to see them work their way thru that…getting Masters Degree..they have taken every opportunity

Biggest change in college basketball…Covid and NIL…getting 5th and 6th years players…NIL paying players to stay in school has changed alot of things especially for big men staying in school.


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