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“Aztecs-Bye Week–Week To Fix Problems”


San Diego State has gotten to its first bye week of the season..

The record says (3-1), but it has been marred by a shoddy opening night winnower Weber State of the 1-AA Big Sky Conference, then last Saturday’s beatdown, where they fell behind big time, and never caught up to Utah State.

A month into the college season, it has been a season of surprises for the Mountain West Conference, with all these wins against teams from the Power 5-Coknferences.

Highlighted by the Aztecs win over UCLA, Boise State’s huge win at Florida State, the Air Force win at Colorado, the Hawaii wins over Arizona and Oregon State, Wyoming’s win over Missouri, and then last week, lowly San Jose State winning at Arkansas.

Coach Rocky Long knows there’s lots of football ahead, but now knows there are some pretty good teams in his conference, and he has to play a lot of them still.

Bye week on the schedule, but a lot of work ahead up at Montezuma Mesa.  Long’s comments at his weekly press conference.

Rock Long quotes:

..We can use this to our advantage…get healthy….get fresh again…get young guys some snaps.
..Would rather be playing this week, especially after a loss, and want to build a rhythm.
..We keep practices the same, but spend more time on technique, work on speed of game.

..Utah State loss was a 1-play difference, almost same number of snaps, yards.  They had 2-explosive plays so did we.  Only difference in the game they had a pick six for TD-we did not.

..Not surprised with ups and downs on offense-it takes awhile to get it going.
..Offense very inconsistent, throwing it, and running it.
..We’re not getting explosive plays we’re used too.
..We used to have 70-80 yard runs and kickoffs for TD-we haven’t seen that yet.

..We’re not changing anything-keep working at it.  USU made 1-more big play than us.
..Losing close is harder to take-getting blown out is different.

..I hope we can get Juwan Washington 100% healthy-he’s still not.
..Bye week helps coaches evaluate our younger players and give them lots of snaps.
..Kids get to go full speed, and it’s like a mini camp.

..Little surprised at how good our league is, with these Power 5-wins..
..We have 3-or-4 teams that dominated our league, now it’s different.
..San Jose can go to Arkansas and win…Air Force can win at Colorado…Wyoming beats Mizzou…USU almost wins at Wake Forest…all games can be competitive.
..I was surprised San Jose won in Fayetteville-good for their program.

..New stadium in San Diego,when it opens,  it helps recruiting, helps program.
..There will be a home field advantage for our home team
..This will be a rally point for the community
..Fans will enjoy being in that stadium
..Lots more  fun than playing in 70,000-seat stadium that is half empty

..UCLA-Washington State (67-63) game with 1600-yards, …with the rules the way they are, it’s a real challenge to defend people..
..Rules changes, you can’t hit guys anymore…WRs don’t get hit across the middle
..Can’t hit QBs-so they have no fear making throws.
..Offenses of today  lead to open field 1-on-1 tackles, now you make guys miss and 10-yard play goes 80-yard.
..As old coach, that’s not my style, but I’d enjoy watching it, not coaching it, but it is good for football.


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