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Sean Lewis has been here since December, bringing in players, installing a new look offense, fixing the defense, and replacing virtually the entire roster of SDSU football.

And now the fans, whatever number are left, will get their first chance to see a new-look Aztecs football program, unveiled Saturday afternoon, with the Red-Black Spring Scrimmage at Snapdragon Stadium.

It’s been a tough time at SDSU.  The opening of the stadium two seasons ago, impacted by a suddenly struggling football team.  The collapse of the team’s offense because of serious quarterback problems.  The inability to compete in the NIL-world of money.  The disenchantment with Coach Brady Hoke’s offense.  And the messy Matt Araiza affair.

It’s a clean piece of paper.  Lewis arrives from Colorado after his spectacular rebuild job at Kent State prior to going to work for Deion Sanders.

His new look Aztecs Air offense, will be a carbon copy of what he ran with the Buffs last year and with the record setting Golden Flashes in the Mid American Conference.

New quarterbacks, new skill receivers, and a massive overhaul of both lines, and some 22-players arriving in the transfer portal.

1pm-Saturday they unveil all things new to Aztecs football.   A truly clean piece of paper.
Coach Sean Lewis:

Clean piece of paper…very unique
Year 1-here is different than from Kent State
We are re-inventing ourself-building relationships

Saturday will be an open practice…7-on-7s….11-on-11s
Red Zone offense featured

Both transfer QBs are learning and competing
AJ Duffy and Dan O’Neil are competing-job is wide open
Duffy-very cerebral..laid back
Danny is vocal-hi energy
Accuracy of both has gone up
Deep ball throwing has gotten better
All 4-QBs seem pretty tight now in QB room

Kids went thru culture shock when they got on the field with this playbook
We are not game ready yet-but they now know conditioning and style we will play
We want to operate at a high tempo

WRs-Ja’Shon Polk has stood out..big-physical-can run after catch
Lewis Brown..Jerry McClure have made great strides

Great challenge to fix OL-DL..need to get stronger

Installing this offense…over 80% is installed
We will run the vanilla script on Saturday-not tip our hand
We need to see how we go about it..how we execute it
We will do some live tackling-have to..we know what our team needs..how to do it

We have 5500 fans asked for tickets..so we are excited to be in Snapdragon.

This is a different time and space for me…I am not handling a position group
I am a CEO of alot of things
I need to be a better head coach for my assistants
I need to have juice and energy

Sat in the room with coach Paul Chrys…Bob Mosteadt-Wisconsin
Coach Dino Babers-Syracuse took a chance on me as a Chicago recruiter
He taught me to coach tempo-operate at our speed
Get around smart people and ask why and how it works-great learning curve

Each year we will roll this offense out-it will be like a Ferrari-fast
Mid American coach called you a mad scientist..
I want to press the boundaries…we want to be crazy on offense-will evolve

We have elements of the run and shoot…it is our version……veer-shoot principals and 5-wide..do it all
2-back offense…lots of pieces fit
Our players will talk about concepts of all types of offense..in it’s in our system
We put alot on our quarterbacks to do this right..same with WRs-TEs
Our OL have learned we have to go fast

Transfer portal is open..600-players jumped in in two days
Volume-quantity available but we have to make quick decisions
Have 3-to-5 grants to use

Opportunity to grow at Colorado..learned alot in 1-year..we took on scars too-it’s football
Shedeur Sanders-great player…not sitting here without his talents.

TE-Jude Wolfe…S-DeShaun McCuin

Trying to find our speed-rythm on defense
Our defense has experienced lining up
Not surprised so many Aztecs players jumped into portal
Think MWC teams going to be shocked when they see what we will run

Jude Wolfe-:
Never played anything fast..what we accomplish in practice is amazing
Dealt with alot of injuries at USC
Think alot  about what we have seen on film
What coach Lewis did at Colorado-Kent State..it was amazing
Polk-Brown-Bennett..those transfer receivers really good
USC had tough year…really tough on Caleb Williams but what a competitor he is



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