1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “AZTECS FOOTBALL-IN NEED OF A WIN”

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This is not what we expected at San Diego State.
This is not vintage SDSU football.
This is not the defense we have known to be their calling card.

Brady Hoke’s team has a 4-game losing streak, something not seen around here since the error-filled-era of Chuck Long.

SDSU has a (9-10) record over the last year and half, something not seen in a long time.

Look at these stats, and it explains it all, the program’s ability to win with its defense does not exist this year.  Which of these stats floors you:

SDSU defense allowing (439YPG)
Run Defense allowing (184YPG)
Pass Defense allowing (255YPG)
3rd down conversion rate (46%)
Quarterback sacks (8)
Defense only 23-tackles for losses

Off course the problems are just not on the defense. The offense is scuffling too.

SDSU offense (326YPG)..ranked 120th
3rd down conversion rate 35%
Allowed 13-sacks
Allowed 36-tackles for losses
35-penalties in 6-games so far

Too many tough games in a row?  Maybe the UCLA-Oregon State-Boise-Air Force gauntlet was too much.

A methodical offense in an era of warp speed passing pakages.  A drop off in defensive performance too.  It’s a bad combo.

Look at the standings.  SDSU and San Jose State tied for last place in the MWC, and a combined (3-9) record.  Hard to believe what we see.

Lucky for the Aztecs, Hawaii-San Jose State, faltering Colorado State and winless Nevada are on the schedule.

Unlucky for Brady Hoke, fan support has erorded at Snapdragon Stadium, and a bowl berth seems far out now.

The coach stood on the firing line at his weekly press briefing coming off this bye week.

Brady Hoke:
We have to be resilient to get out of this
Bye week..sometimes good-sometimes bad
Bad taste in our mouth from Air Force game
Both us-Hawaii coming off a bye week
Each game 1-at a time..6-games left
Self inflicted adversity…not finishing on things
We have mental toughness

We played 3-of top 5-defenses in country
We need to correct performance and behavior
Self scouted ourselves during bye week

Chunk plays given up on defense
We have to tackle better-we have not
We have to get off blocks compared to our years past

We did not cover anyone in Air Force game
No patience vs Air Force triple option
We got aggressive and let receivers go by them

Hawaii QB-Brayden Schraeger is good player..
UH has 2-quick wide receivers..they get ball out quickly
Schraeger is a pocket run and shoot QB-pro style QB
Their defense can create negative plays

We need to run the football at Hawaii…we must get turnovers
Next 6-games are important…it’s what you want as a coach
I am disappointed in some guys who have left our program
Got games to play-let’s go win

We recruit Hawaii and have had good kids in our program
We sent our recruiting coaches go to Hawaii early to recruit
Recruiting has changed
Lost a couple of recruits when Pac 12-decisions happened
Guys make decisions on different things-we lost two in recent weeks

This team is locked in-we have to do it on the field
We have not played a complete game..defense-offense-kicking game

Hawaii a unique place to play
17-hours road trip

Transfer portal changes this week will help
Not sure guard rails in NIL have been
I am frustrated with the word ‘committment’..kids changing mind
If I could talk to congress…we need academic guidance
We have lost the ethic ‘kids going to college’
Bet in two years we won’t have APR rules  because of transfer portal
Transfer portal has hurt high school kids
We spend alot of time trying to get into transfer portal-get immediate help
The JUCO system will get more high school kids
Players have more freedom but only so far can you go with that
Early signing date-might sign 14-to-16 players

Never had two bye weeks in a college schedule..really different
It helps our guys rest
The 2nd bye week will be different

College football in trouble..wider gap-haves and have nots
NCAA has to solve this
Cooper McDonald-Martin Blake

We made so many mistakes
Zac Larrier-Air Force-very slick-speed QB
Hawaii QB is top five in nation in passing yardage
We need to get the ball back on defense
Aztecs defensive stats shocking..we need to make plays
To see Martin Blake-he can ball..vocal leader..scholarship well deserved
We have a tight knit group as a whole team..bye week important to ‘reset’
We can go (8-4) this year
Hawaii plays hard-especially at home
Pac 12-pretty cool to see this year with all the QB
Don’t agree with Pac 12-breaking up but it’s about money

Martin Blake getting scholarships..moment of a lifetime
I was surprised but I worked so hard..it’s gonna come
Just keep working hard-it will come
Walking onto SDSU…I had to prove myself-let people know who I am
Coach Pumphrey sold me alot on the program
Part of RB-rotation-be ready at anytime
We have so many running backs who can play..I like the rotation
I am always prepared for my role
It’s ‘us-vs-us’…we know we can be good…be that team
Playing Hawaii Bowl..it has a different feel
Can’t pay attention to social media..just go play football
Social media..he don’t know what it’s like to play
Everyone has an opinion…they don’t know what is going on

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