1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday ‘AZTECS FOOTBALL–NEED A WIN BADLY’

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The losing streak is at 3-straight games.  The schedule in early season has crushed them.  Now their backs are to the wall.

San Diego State plays at Air Force on Saturday, needing a win to right the season and possibly set them off on a winning streak.

They need a win to not only right the ship, but try to salvage a fan base that has abandoned them at Snapdragon Stadium.

They need  a win to play a ‘complete’ game, something they have not done since their opening day win against the Ohio Bobcats, whose QB got knocked out on a helmet hit, and haven’t lost since that setback opening day.

Brady Hoke needs a win to stop a skid into oblivious, this bad start coupled with last year’s failing-controversial failing season.

Enter Air Force, at Colorado Springs.  The Falcons are (4-0), they lead the nation in rushing, are playing superb defense, and are so tough in Colorado Springs.

Aztecs football usedto be about gaudy numbers,much of it on defense.  Not last year, and not this year,with a team giving up (432YPG)

The real numbers in neon lights belong to Air Force.  The Falcons ran for 400-yards last weekend in blasting San Jose State.  They lead the nation in rushsing (340YPG)….2nd in the nation in time of possession (36:38)….lead the nation in 3rd down conversion (58%)…average (5.4YPC) running the ball, and of all things, are giving up just (232YPG)-that ranks them 2nd.

So Saturday at Falcon Stadium has alot of meaning.  A win get them to midseason and a chance to win the next 5-games in the MWC, since all those teams are lower echelon.  They need a streak before they get to the final game, a home game, with Fresno State, who is unbeaten too.

Coach Brady Hoke has his hands full with a team that shows flashes, but no consistency.  The chunk plays they used to own, are now being done by the other guy.  (2-3) cannot become (2-4) on the season.

Coach Brady Hoke:

We are disappointed in Friday loss
Play hard-give effort-finish well..we are improving

Defense breakdowns vs Boise..gap control..over pursuit
We need 11-hats to the ball…our job is get good RBs on ground
We missed alot of tackles vs Ashton Jeanty

Air Force special program-great run success
Coach Calhoun-good coach-good staff..coached in NFL
He made a commitment to the school
I like playing Air Force-Army-Navy
Gives us a view at the unique system-disciplines
Academies run triple option because they can recruit those type of kids

Special type of coach to be at the academies
Calhoun graduated from Air Force
11-of his coaches played at Academies
You know expectations-environments in Colorado Springs

Offense-so difficult to defend..you don’t see it often..tough to prepare
QB was a track guy who can go on the edge-Zac Larrier
RBs-Ehtridge-Michel..not much of a difference-they are precise
You must defend the fullback-last year Brad Roberts was bona-fide ass kicker

Great to watch this offense because they execute
Their defense gets alot of guys to the ball

Air Force 36-minutes time of possession last three games
Cut blocks still a problem…they are conscious of not getting guys cut down
But blocks on back of guys legs still a problem

Kurt Mattix varies 4-5-man fronts..Aztec package-devise good plan
1 of hard part preparing is getting the look of their offense in practice
We have to catch up the speed of the game, how they block us-1st series
1st series of game is a learning curve for our kids-get used to speed action

We don’t talk about altitude at Colorado Springs..we don’t rotate thru lots players

We need to defend the full field, not allow an odd big pass play.
They are averaging (27Y) per completion.

Losing players to transfer portal in mid season..a new normal in roster configuration..Kids want to play.

(Cade Bennett-OG-Zyrus Flesu LB)

We practice tackling alot..need to take guys to the ground
Air Force movs real fast..OL very fast
Read keys of fullback-quarterback
Need by physical-real tough-disciplined vs Air Force

Offense has stepped up last couple of weeks
To see our young guys grow and build
Big runs are 1-block away from making chunk plays
Jalen Maden-been awesome..stepped it up last game
Coming from Oklahoma State-bunch adjustments new coaches
I feel so different as a player now

Respect Air Force-Navy-‘Army players..what they will do for their country
Amazing feel at Falcon Stadium
Lots of trash talk-get chills when you work in there

Playing at altitude was hard-have a tough time
We have to get used to how fast they play
We cannot simulate their speed in our practice
Air Force blockers are tough dudes-especially their blockers

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