1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “AZTECS FOOTBALL-NEED ANSWERS”

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It’s a gauntlet they are running, this up and down start to the start of the SDSU football season.

An impressive win over Ohio…a struggle of a win over 1AA-Idaho State…and then getting sledgehammered by UCLA.

The gauntlet continues, with a road game into Corvallis to meet a vastly improved Oregon State team, and then a dive into the Mountain West to face conference favorite Boise State and then awful tough Air Force up there.  In fact 3-of the next 4-games are on the road.

And Brady Hoke puts his team on the plane with an up and down quarterback, no pass rush, and a pass defense that is giving up 300-yards per game.

Pick other numbers on the SDSU stat sheet and you see problems.
..24 Penalties in 3-games
..428Y per game by opponents
..44%-3rd down conversion rate by the other team
..32%-3rd downs rate by SDSU
..8YPC by the receiving corps at SDSU
..7-QB sacks by a once fierce defensive unit

Yes SDSU has done some good things.
..173YPG rushing but the bulk of that against Idaho State
..7-QB sacks by the defense
..Jalen Mayden 7.1YPC when he runs the ball

A huge challenge ahead and a huge amount of questions yet to be answered.

Coach Brady Hoke’s comments in his weekly press conference:
Some positives..alot of negatives in the loss
Gave up too many big plays on defense
6-runs over 12-yards…7-passes over 15
Need to get bodies to the ball
Not as physical at line of scrimmage as we need to be

Offense..our screen game was good
Too many dropped back pass situations
Need more play action on offense
Disappointed-had a chance to score 14-points in 3rd quarter
Interception end zone..4th and 1 penalty..just hurt ourself

Oregon State
DJ-QB transfer from Clemson
Damien Martinez is dynamic
Defense plays very fast-very aggressive
Coach Jonathon Smith-good job..school investment very good
Stadium expansion..indoor facility really impressive

Do I know what we have -have to find out who we really are
As a coach-come back in here on Sunday
Look at personnel..what we are teaching..what our players can handle
We look at how we play double teams, techniques, get off blocks-evaluate
Are our splits in line right, are we making right calls

Gave up 24-59-81TDs…guys made mistakes in alignments led big plays
LBs-S made mistakes and reacted and guys made cuts-ran away
We are playing alot of guys on defense to give them snaps

We need to grow up fast..we are getting there…we have cleaned things up
We play early 12-30pm…we are ready
We lift early…we have team meetings early
We are staying in Portland not in Corvallis
Will be 1:45 hour bus trip to the game
Breakfast 7:15am..then travel

Damien Martinez-very impressive..very physical but quick
Good balance-gets in and out of bursts..and can run thru you

DJ Uiagaolei-QB-style-bootlegs, pocket presence, they take shots down field
He has good grasp and feel and is a big guy

Transfer portal meeting…talk about changing the window-how long it is open
Longer portal open, longer QBs can wait to decide where to go
There will be a vote to change it
MWC coaches had zoom meeting..want players tell us early if coming

Coached at Oregon State as young coach in 1994
Worked for Dave Kraightorpe and Jerry Pettibone-worked with Rocky Long
They were down for so long
They flipped it with Dennis Erickson to Mike Riley nice job
University has made a tremendous investment in program
Oregon State-Washington State to Mountain West..would be great for MWC

Key-Saturday..do not give up big plays…we must run ball better at point of attack…take care of football-cannot have 3-picks…time of possession.

Garrett Fountain-Kenon Chtiston

We missed alot of tackles in game
We hurt ourselves-we knew tempo-no huddle
UCLA’s Dante Moore-got rolling
Oregon State QB…big size..tough guy..sits in pocket..he plays big
We must focus on communication going on road to deal with crowd noise
On road-it’s just us so it’s our team together
Damien Martinez-RB-big strong back-runs hard-need to square him up

Playing on turf…grass is different-we play on fast grass-bouncy
Turf absorbs your steps
We practice on both-we have a feel

Jalen Mayden-makes other teams respect ability to run
Defenses cannot fly to receivers.. he can spread field and bust runs

Take it as a challenge to be 22-point underdog-definitely get after it




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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “AZTECS FOOTBALL-NEED ANSWERS””

  1. Art Uvaas says:

    Brady Hoke is an inferior coach, in comparison with a guy like Rocky Long. Inferior recruiting and schemes will make the Aztecs
    struggle throughout the rest of the season.

    Don’t forget the California League Divisional play-offs.
    Inland Empire(Angels) versus Rancho Cucamonga, (Dodgers).
    IE won the first game of the best of three series, Tuesday night: 3-0. The series moves to Rancho Cucamonga, this Thursday.

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