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Aztecs-End of a Season’


It started with so much anticipation, San Diego State football, the new Snapdragon Stadium, a loaded defense, 7-transfers and a new quarterback.  That and the rumors Aztecs to the Pac 12.

The first press conference of the season involved a full media throng of reporters, 8-TV cameras, and then it came off the rails.

And it fell apart.

Now SDSU closes out a lost season hosting Air Force in their final regular season game on Saturday.

State has rallied on the field and is likely headed to a second tier Bowl game, a far cry from what could have been (10-2) season this year.
The foundation has been laid for next year, with the emergency of QB-Jaylen Maden and the growth of a young group of RBs, WRs, and the young offensive line that was force fed.

The season that started with a sellout on a blazing hot September day at the new stadium, will end infront of tons of empty seats, maybe as many as 15,000-no shows in a stadium that seats 35,000.  The buzz around the program is gone, the shine of the new stadium is lost, and the much better supported Aztecs basketball seasonhas began with a flash.

Off the field, the ugly Matt Araiza rape investigation is still unresolved.  The DA has not filed charges against anyonee.  The on campus Title IX probe remains behind closed doors with no resolution and no public statements.  It’s almost as if SDSU’s female president wants to hide this and hope it goes away.  Doubtful and shocking a Women President at a big university is not front and center leading the charge to clarify the alleged rape on its campus.  Smacks of a coverup.

And lastly, AD-John David Wicker could be in his final months of leadership of the Aztecs.  He is a leading candidate to go home for the AD job at his Alma Mater-Mississippi State.

Saturday night the final home game with an Air Force team, averaging (336YPG) running its option and with an (8-3) record.  State is (7-4) with 1-win against a team with a winning record, last week vs San Jose State, stung by the horrible losses to Boise State-Fresno State and the bashings they took at the hands of Arizona and Utah.

Coach Brady Hoke-Comments:

Great win using our cornerstones to beat New Mexico on a short week
I was worried that could be a trap game after beating San Jose
We had too many negative yard plays because of Rocky Long’s defense
We ran for (177Y)…scored on opening drives 1st and 3rd quarter
We were 100% on 3rd down conversions
Defense-we cannot be soft in our coverages-need to play tighter-we did

We have rallied the program..none of us wanted to keep losing
Jaylen Maden-Ryan Lindley have done a great job
The older guys on defense were hurt by bad start-they rallied this team
Players have taken ownership and turned the season

Mekah Shaw awarded a scholarship for next year..he stood out last 6-weeks
He earned this scholarship for next year
We moved him from cornerback to wide receiver-he was stacked up guys

Michael Shawcraft become a star-so instinctive-tenacity-toughness
Way he prepares then plays tells you who he is

We have a bunch of guys next week we will decides who takes extra year eligibility…see who wants to go to the portal

I don’t like this part of football, the transfer portal

The most rewarding things for us is coaching these kids who develop into stars…we get 4-star guys…get bounce back kids..very gratifying to ‘coach em up’…these kids earn it, …we have to re-recuit our own guys out of the portal too.

Air Force is a very tough team to defend
The cut blocks not as prevalnt because of new rules
Playing them is a different mind-set on defensive line-how you line up
You practice different to learn their reads
In spring we run Air Force stuff in spring ball..do same in fall camp
It comes down to toughness off the ball
We attack the center-guards with blitz of gaps

Brad Roberts-he’s physical running back-got to hit him everytime
They are liniing him in different ways..so very productive (1,425Y-5.2YPC-15TD)

Troy Calhoun-got to know him when he was in the NFL with Houston Texans..fine job for a long time
I think Air Force is the toughest coaching job of the 3-academies..Army-Navy-Air Force.

Ohio State-Michigan…coaching that game..’pretty cool’
Woody-Bo…cut from the same cloth-no doubt.
I saw Woody-Bo at a dinner in Dayton..just two days before Woody passed away.






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