1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Aztecs Football–Struggling Everywhere”

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“Aztecs Football–Struggling”


Brady Hoke isn’t happy.  His team is (1-2), he has a QB taking too many hits; his offensive line is too young;  his defense is giving up too many big plays.

And now he has lost a prized recruit, QB-Will Haskell is going to enter the transfer portal at the end of the season

And Hoke is taking exception to the tone of media questions, probbly in the wake of the ugly press conferences three weeks ago over the Matt Araiza rape investigation, when got up and walked out before coming back.

Haskell’s exit is a stunner.  He was the future of the team, highly recruited, highly regarded, who fell down the depth chart sometime between camp and last week’s benching in Utah after just 3-snaps.  Who knows what goes on behind closed doors.  Was Haskell not a student of the game? Did he not handle adversity well when falling behind in practice? Was there parental interference a-la ‘he’s my son-he has to play’?

Hoke’s nasty reaction accusing me of twisting his words was a bit of a surprise, considering I have been such a backer since he, Rocky Long, and he came back to lead the program to on field success.

But Haskell’s exit is the 4th QB-transfer in the last 3-years.

It started with Carson Baker, a starter, who struggled in his second year, and disappeared as a transfer.  Then Lucas Johnson came from Georgia Tech, made strides last year despite injuries, then left for 1AA-Montana where he is a star in the Big Sky Conference.  The same with JUCO transfer Jordan Brookshire, who started, got benched, got Covid, and transferred, never resurfacing.

That’s alot of talent at the most important position on your team to exit and casts a questionable light on the Aztecs ability to recruit and develop talent at that position.  They recruit and coach up great backs.  SDSU history in recent times has been with star performances by a very unique defense and players who fit the stystem.  That’s good coaching, but not so at quarterback.

A program that gave us record setters like Ryan Lindley, Kevin O’Connell, prior to that Billy Blanton and David Lowry, now might not be able to recruit quality throwers in the future because so many have left.  A bad track record when you go out to recruit the next one..

The season is not over, not by a long shot..

SDSU will get healthy quickly, playing Toledo and then roll into Mountain West Conference play.  The defense will carry them early.  Hopefully the right side of the offensive line will grow. Keeping Burmeister healthy on the field, will push them over the top.  But you must be concerned he’s had 2-significant injuries in 3-games since transferring from Virginia Tech.

They will win in conference, because they have more talent than virtually the rest of the MWC.  Hoke has to stop with this ‘bully boy defensive tackle’ mentality when he is asked tough-honest questions.

A bad optic, SDSU losing 4-quarterbacks in such a short period of time.  A bad optic too a head coach attacking the media who has a right-responsibiltiy to ask important questions.
Coach Brady Hoke–highlites from nis press conference.

..Will Haskell will investigate the portal and finish his classes, then transfer.
..We met this orning and that is what he wants to do.
..Guys want to play…if not playing then not staying
..Decision to pull Haskell after the drive was jointly made after 3-plays, not predetermined
..Will wants to transfer-he is a competitor-wants to play
..Yes we have lost 3 QBs in the transfer portal-it’s not a bad optic
..Your assessment we can’t coach QBs is a bad perspective
..Alot of confidence in Jeff Hecklinski as OC…it’s more than one guy responsible for a struggling offense.
..This is a young OL when we started..it’s alot younger now
..Kyle Crum-handled adversity-such a young player handled it well
..He knows what he is doing..
..Offense-we have to get balance on offense
..Offense is next to last in passing…it’s on everyone, not the QB or a coach.
..We’ve been practicing for 12-weeks-have to get better
..Offense have not found a rythym
..OL is not in crisis…kids are growing…like their development
..I see the videos on Sunday..they are improving
..5-false start penalties-young guys overwhelmed.
..Might change offense  to protect Braxton Burmeister
..He likes to run the football
..He is an aggressive guy-I love that in him
..Sometimes leaves the pocket too early
..No consideration moving Jaylen Maden back to quarterback
..All 3-QBs who left, wanted to leave in transfer portal

..Defense-we need alot more pressure on QBs…they stand there throwing football
..Giving jup 399-yards per game-chunk plays..lack of pass rush hurts
..Cooper McDonald-Caden McDonald play very well together
..Cooper is a big fast linebacker…fastest big man we have had

..Toledo is very good football team
..Defense very good..2-linebackers very good
..Rockets very similar in Mid American Conference to Aztecs in the Mountain West
..Toledo makes alot of big plays down the field because QB extends play
..QB-DeQuan Finn has moxie to him.
Alama Ulave-Offensive center
..It hurts us to have 2-losses
..False starts on OL-so many young guys in front
..Good to experience adversity
..Braxton-too many hits..we have to protect him
..Young OL-learn about physicality of Division 1-football
..OG-Cade Bennett-Oklahoma State transfer-improved lot
..Times are tough-keep fighting-can’t be a front runner
..Lose Wil Haskell-wish him well
..Kyle Crum shows alot of promise..he is very young;
..Snapdragon is amazing expeerience for our team

Caden McDonald-LB
..Whole new team this year compared to 12-2 team last year
..We need to play better as a whole
..Brother Cooper-we hold each other to high accountabllity
..Will Haskell-transfer..will miss him..
..Only 1-QB can play
..Not overscheduled..we go play these teams
..We loved seeing Group of 5-schools pull off upsets..Marshall-Appy State

..We are not close to being the best we can be
..The potential is there make this turn quickly
..Snapdragon-Student section-we have never had anything like that
..Fans making an impact on these games now


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