1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Aztecs Football-Winning-Coach Upset at Community”

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“Aztecs-Fresno State–A Rivalry”


They call it the “Battle for the Old Oil Can”, a rivalry that goes back lots of years, but has more important meaning these days, with teams fighting for a New Year’s Day Bowl berth from the Group of Five.

It’s the 59th meeting of the schools, with SDSU holding a (2925-4) edge.

Back in the old PCAA days, Jim Sweeney had some great teams. Modern day Bulldogs football with Pat Hill as coach, had great battles with SDSU, the most notable being shootouts with QB-Trent Dilfer…RB-Ron Rivers and Lorenzo Neal and a host of NFL receivers.

The Aztecs are (7-2), trying to find some consistency to their offense.  The Bulldogs, coming off a strong season last year, are struggling with transition on defense, are (4-5) in an up and down season.

Rocky Long is trying to find some quality to his offense, to match the excellence of his defense.  Bowl bound, but not a complete football team yet. No one will take away the 7-wins, but no one within the football offices is very happy right now either.

And the Aztecs coach went off on a tangent, criticizing the fans, students on campus and social media in general, with a tirade accusing the public of making his players feel like losers, not a team that is (7-2).

Long, for the first time in his tenure, went after the media…the students on campus and the fans for their negativity.  Maybe it was the small crowds at games; maybe it’s social media; maybe a columnist inference he is running a “Neanderthal Offense” that no one wants to see.

Coach Rocky Long

..Frustrated-disappointed way we have played the last two games.
..Fresno is very talented
..Talent level in league is equal.
..Play the best on a day-and you win
..Boise State had to go to Wyoming to win in overtime.

..No idea why offense is up and down..we don’t score enough points to win
..Not scoring.
..80% of teams in country be happy if they were (7-2)
..We play on Friday night because TV tells us to
..Old school in me says Friday night is for high school football…Saturday-college
..Saturday afternoons is best time for college football

..Tradition is go to game but not here
..Real fans stay at home watch 15-games
..Where we are, it’s not a tradition to go to games…
..Fans here just as soon sit home and watch games on TV

..Death on campus-we don’t approach it with players
..If it involves a football player we deal with the player to help him
..Position coaches on teams know the players they coach if there are issues
..If problems exist, we send them to experts on campus
..We do an unbelievable job educating our players-they have to attend a class
..Our players know right from wrong
..Our players-great young people in the program

..We have had 10-years of great success here and now this.
..Players don’t feel appreciated in our town-social media ridicule team
..I feel for our players…everyone is treating them like they are losers
..Unbelievable this is happening
..I’d like to take their phones away from them ..but it’s their culture-their life
..Players need to learn to handle it
..It’s not students only…it’s fans criticizing a (7-2) tam
..It’s ridiculous.

..I would bet this game will be like out last couple of games
..Turnvoer ratio-penalties might decide game

..Fresno used to winning-that is good team
..Jeff Tedord same philosophy as me..control the ball..play defense..
..He was a good coach at Cal, and they let them go.
..In this day and age of big money-coaches being given 20-games to coach and win




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