1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “AZTECS-IDAHO STATE”

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San Diego State earned their opening day win over Ohio University.

They got to QB-Kurtis Rourke, before he got to them. Rourke looked as if he was on his way to a 400-yard passing day, before he went down with a possible hit to the head.

SDSU grew from that point on, picking off 3-passes, its defense dominating as the game wore on.

This week, they play Idaho State, a bottom dweller in the Big Sky Conference.
The Bengals are just (2-20) over the last two years.

Coach Brady Hoke:
Brady Hoke:

Review Ohio film, we missed a bunch of assignments early
We won the 4th quarter that was huge
Defense got better and better, and were a plus 2-in the game
We played with pretty good discipline

Marcus Radcliffe played really well as a freshman
Cody Moon was everywhere making plays
Still need to figure out our rotation on defense upfront
LT-Christian Jones played well in his first start

Offense-time possession needs to be better
Secondary had 8-pass deflections-we were aggressive
We need to challenge WRs as game went on

Jalen Maden started (4-10)…footwork issues early
He was hesitant not letting it go
Really settled in late in first half-went (13-17)

Offensive line…Dean and Miles played well at RT-RG-lots communication
Starting center learning points about technique..footwork-feet-pad level

Ryan Lindley-lot of trust in him to call plays

Ohio really good..bet Bobcats win 10-games
Ohio ran clock down trying to get SDSU to commit defense before snap

Playing Idaho State..(2-20) last two years
They have 70-new players from a year ago
They have new offense-new coach
They run some things from Washington State-Hawaii-Cal Davis

We get alot of snaps to work on fundamentals in this game
There are alot of unknowns with ISU

Scheduling-take advantage of who is on the schedule..
Not going to save Idaho State overmatched
(Jaylen Maden)

Key TD passes-needed patience-let receiver run route
I have to calm down
First game jitters in first quarter
Started out tight got better
Starting last five games-gave my team trust from my teammates
Transfer from Mississippi State-believed I could play this position
Believed I could help at safety-was a really thin spot
Learn from Ryan Lindley career..really smart
Appreciate the most-not making me do things I can’t do
He changes game plan if I talk to
I am in an open space to talk to him about what I need in game plan
Get anxious with Lindley not on sidelines but in press box
Very calm on headsets….he calmed down me
Mark Redmen-TE…he is diverse..we run alot of packages for him
He knows what he is doing in our formations

(Cooper McDonald)

Defense got better as game went on
Ohio was solid offensive line
Kurtis Rourke can sling it around like Jake Haener
All of seniors left-alot of young guys played well
We think there will be alot of improvement from week 1-to-2
Maden knows offense and defense-having played safety
Idaho State is a whole new team


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