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Time for San Diego State football to hit the ‘Reset’ button.
Time to open play in the Mountain West Conference

An Aztecs team that has gone (2-2).  Beat Ohio in a complete game..struggled with Idaho State..got mauled-mashed-bulldozed by UCLA-Oregon State.

Tough to gauge how complete a team Brady Hoke has now.

His QB has shown great guts.  Not much from the WR group.  The TEs are part of this offense.  The OL seems work in progress.  No pass rush.  A bunch of takeaways from the back 7…and LB’s who are playing well.

Big issues, lack of plays down the field?  Should they be more run rather than pass?  Where is the defense after having given up a combined (1,025Y) to the Bruins and Beavers in those last two losses.

Now they move into the heart of the Mountain West Conference with key games against Boise State then Air Force.  2-weeks from now, they will either be atop the standings or likely out of the race with a bowl berth in jeopardy.

Coach Brady Hoke’s comments:
We played hard vs UCLA…need to play smarter
Only 1-penalty-that is a plus
We controlled the ball and tempo for awhile
Gave up some big plays…made some big plays
Need everybody to step in to protect the QB
Everyone’s fault when Jaylen Maden is on his back

Boise State..early week game for both teams
They had challenges at Washington..gotten better and betteer

Maden’s compete level is exceptional
He played ‘in the game on defense’ last year
His compete level sticks out
Needs to get out of the picket a bit sooner

We were pretty good between the 35s…we struggled in red zone

Last year Boise got out to 35-0 lead-we didn’t play much defense
Ton of difference this year Boise offense..more experience

QB-Talen Green (6’6) runs the ball well..we need to stop that
Green is only sophomore…throws deep ball well…and the screen game
Cannot allow him to create ‘jail break plays’
WR-McAllister…we have big and long corners to match up with his length

I like this team and will get better
Brionne Penny played his best game..earning more snaps each day
Penny has developed trust with Moose
Mark Redmon-stick his nose in and block and route running..he is a mismatch

I like most about our team..growing up daily game to game
We must continue to improve to get very excited about this team
Zyrus-Moon at LB…arrived as starters..played good football..physical at point
They send a message with the way they play

Moving into MWC…damn good conference we’re in..
Boise is like us..how we play..reputation..going to be fun
Go play-fast and physical…just do it

MWC coaches zoom call…we all use the transfer portal…NIL-we talked to the commissioner…you have to adapt because it’s not going away…we have to work thru it….in the era that we are in

Colorado-Transfer portal…bringing in some players…a few schools have done that-not just Colorado….you use portal based on needs.
Dez Malone-Brendan Crenshaw-Dixon

We have had good opportunites to make plays..haven’t done it
Last year-we have to finish…they scored 35-on us last year
We took that personally
Penalties-we can control some..offsides etc…playing hard
Boise has pretty good team…we match up well with them
Taylen Green good with his feet
Bad taste in our mouth from a year..really good rivalry
This a very important game for all of us in conference
There is urgency playing Boise-Air Force
Last two games-even with losses-have gotten us ready

Offensive line-young upfront..we are 100%-getting better
Not much difference..protect blind side
Maden is a real leader..need to take less hits
We need to protect him
Not much of a difference playing Pac 5-or-Group of 5
We know cadence-snap counts…stop procedure
Last year was difficult…changed playbook..went thru 5-QBs
Holani-Geanty really power runners
Christian Jones-came in and played LT-he has talked from day one
He is so young..we bring him to help him


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