1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Aztecs-New Mexico Bowl”

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“Aztecs-New Mexico Bowl”


San Diego State leaves on Wednesday for its 10th Bowl game in a row, facing Central Michigan, in the New Mexico Bowl in Albuquerque.

SDSU is coming off a (9-3) season,  and Long has taken the team to 9-straight bowl games.  Long is now (80-38) at SDSU-second most wins to Don Coryell.

Central Michigan went from (1-11)-to-(8-5) and playing in the Mid American Conference championship game….Led by former Colorado State head coach Jim McElwain.

Coach Rocky Long’s comments:

..Bowl game important-but signing day is important

..Sign majority of class tomorrow…19-scholarships available
..Sign 9-to-12 in early period after 2-weekend recruiting visit
..Player can sign as early as 7am local time
..We try to educate…sign with us early
..Early signing help tremendously…talent wise-last year most talent had in 10-years.
..If kids waited till February…. we would have kids poached.

..NCAA transfer portal-we don’t get a lot of contacts
..Players pretty thorough where they want to go-how quickly they can start.

..Bowl game…high 40s…sunny…windy in Albuquerque-pretty nice.
..CMU really balanced…run and throw
..Use 2-QBs…they throw some in controlled passing game

..They have had 2-weeks to prepare for our 3-3-5 defense
..Some QBs study film to see a ‘key or two’ we may show
..Some QBs buy time with athletic ability
..Teams have spotters upstairs who call plays in against our defense

..Teaching 3-3-5…we were unique when we started it
..Most versatile defense-do a lot of things out there
..Be careful you give players so many assignments they can’t handle it
..If you have safeties who can play LB…LBs play defensive end..it works

..Luq Barcoo….amazing year-cool stuff…1st DB here make Walter Camp Foundation team….there have been pretty good DBs here.

..Will have had 8-total practices leading into the game
..We have had 1-day worked young guys-so it was all game prep
..Advantage for us-kids will be home for Christmas
..Hard on players to prepare…and they have to take finals too
..This is harder for us because we are playing early bowl game

..Viewed all films of games..broke down the last 4-games
..CMU gives you lots formations…
..They count at line of scrimmage…decide run or pass based on what see

..This is most productive defense in the last 10-years…
..Points given up…yards given up…takeaways…tackles losses
..Kids play so hard..so fast…they have made have the season.

..Bye week leading into bowl helps
..Ryan Agnew not 100%-but he will play..can move pocket


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