1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “AZTECS-UCLA-NEED TO KNOW”

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This should be fun on Saturday…,San Diego State-vs-UCLA.

Old school stoic Brady Hoke-vs-Mad Scientist Chip Kelly..

One coach trying to find out who is team is, the other coach trying to find a quarterback.

Hoke has had such success with State.  Kelly has had such an erratic career with the Bruins.

Somebody takes a step forward this weekend.  Which is the real SDSU team, that played so well and so disciplined against a good Ohio team, then needed an on-side kick before finally putting away an Idaho State team that was (2-20) over two years.

Kelly was (7-17) his first couple of troubled years in Westwood, then put together two good seasons.  But now he must replace his 5-years statting QB and top running back, all this with just 1-game under his belt this season, and up and down outing vs Coastal Carolina.  He’s gone (18-8) after that (10-21) start with the Bruins

A big weekend last weekend with the Pac 12 going unbeaten in all their games.  And the Mountain West watching Wyoming post a stunning home win in Laramie over Texas Tech  and Fresno State winning on Big 10-soil at Purdue.

So it becomes a statement weekend for either SDSU-or-UCLA, who they are.
Brady Hoke comments:

Wanted to control the tempo of the game..we did 34min TOP
Pace what we wanted
But defense needs to get off the field a big more
We can run the football
Upfront played better

Jalen Mayden QB runs by designed worked well
Knew when to pull ball down and run
Martin Blake really good player-do so many things
Blake is a ‘Swiss Army Knife’-great attitude
Defending Blake..those OL will tell you where he is
But you have to tackle him
Athleticism, balance, power-he is consistent everyday
RB who has hot hand will get more snaps

Turnovers-still too many..ball on the ground
We must take care of football better
We got 10-points off turnovers-have to finish better

Ticked off by 4th quarter…we didn’t win the final quarter
Must play complete games
14-penalties-don’t like turning in calls to conference office
4-off sides on defense-that is unacceptable
Holding penalties on defense..must address them
Not sure there is a value in turning plays to MWC
Helps them use in teaching their officials

Idaho State better team than anyone thought
We gave them too many opportunities
Defensive line-lack of discipline

Gave up 600-passing yards in 2-games..got ball off quickly
Should gone 8-man drops-Idaho State vs Bengals

UCLA-very different team on offense
Expect to see all 3-QBs this weekend
UCLA really good athletically
Must stop Bruins run first and put it on QBs to make plays

Dante Moore-heavily recruited for a reason-really athletic
Expect to see Moore and also Garbers-Schlee

Chip Kelly-mad scientist offense..a real tempo offense
His formations are wild-moving people around
His mind from offensive standpoint is pretty special
He is as good as there running plays

UCLA-Latu good player..length-fires off ball
Very aggressive defense with Late coming off the end
Very athletic from what we played in 2019

Fans support-hopefully more of ‘us than them’ at Snapdragon
Mark Redmen-Cedarius Barfield

Last time we played UCLA-very hot..alot of SDSU fans
Expect alot of Blue-Gold fans likely at Snapdragon

Way too many penalties last week-have to cut them back

UCLA is really different-so fast on offense-throw the ball slot

When Chip Kelly at Oregon..had 500-600 yards a game
They will throw the ball and force your hands
Ton of WRs-transfers from USC-Cal they throw too

Michael Sturdivant-135 yards last week-receptions..big guy-must tackle him

Jalen Maden ability to run the ball-when teams drop defenses
He has really extended a bunch of plays in two games
Our time of possession last week was huge..we can control the temp

We are using 4-tight ends now..catch passes…and run block too
We are feeding off each other and can do alot of things
We need to win the 4th quarter…did vs Ohio…did not vs Idaho State



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