1-Man’s Opinion on Sports—Wednesday “Best Job In World-Worst Hire in Sports”

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“The Best Job in the Game–The Worst Hire Ever”


The richest franchise in the world has a coaching opening this morning. The team with its greatest legacy in its sport, is looking for a new leader.

Money and fame doesn’t always workout, but this time it wasn’t because of pressure to win, or ownership that meddled, no it came from within, within the coaches office, inside the coaches box.

No it wasn’t the New England Patriots or Dallas Cowboys job that opened. Not the Lakers or the New York Yankees.

It was across the pond. In the English Premeir League. It was at Manchester United, soccer’s equivalent of the greatest franchise on the planet.

Josie Mourinho is out as head coach at Man U, the legendary futbol club, the wealthiest franchise on the planet.

Sacked with a (7-5-5) record, in 6th place in a league they dominated. It came hours after his team allowed an amazing 36-shots to unbeaten Liverpool in a weekend game. It came after another blustery post game confrontation with his players and the British Press.

Josie Mourinho is the equivalent of baseball manager Billy Martin. Self destructive in virtually all his relationships..

Unable to co-exist with the star players he hand selected.

Impossible to be around if you are a front office employee.

Regretful battles with the English media, just doing its job, asking the questions that needed to be asked.

Unbearable days where there was always a cloud of negativity when he spoke.

Ownership at Manchester United, the richest franchise on earth, hired him after he had been sacked at Chelsea after a similar 2-plus year run.

He asked for an increased transfer budget, and proceeded to spend 400M to sign 11-players, all those he hand picked.

Then he mocked them including World Cup star Paul Pogbo, benching him the last two games as Man U played bad game after bad game.

The coach ripped the 52 scouts the franchise has globally, asking why they couldn’t uncover more gems.

He was callous in his post game comments almost weekly, using words like ‘coward’…’unprofessional’…’heartless’….to describe the roster he selected.

He showed disdain at every turn to the media, showing up at 1-press gathering, refusing to take a question, then leaving. Another he sat looking at his cell phone for 10-minutes, never once looking up to the questioning media, then got up and left. He offered nothing unless it was condescending, to the topic posed, or the questioner.

He lectured reporters about his past global successes at other coaching stops, chiding them to ignore his current struggles, and reminding them of whom he used to be.

And this from a guy who campaigned for the position while he was at Chelsea. This from a coach who promised to bring Man U back to the greatness it experienced under the iconic Sr Alex Ferguson.

If you thought Jerry Jones had ego; Bill Belicheck was an ogre’, Magic Johnson was overbearing, then you haven’t had the experience of viewing, listening, evaluating Josie Mourinho.

Man U gave him everything he wanted, and he ruined it, and now he’s out.

Will be interesting to see where he winds up, if he gets another job, if anyone can ever like him again.

Despicable approach to the job. Degrading personality on the job. High maintenance attitude while ruining the job.

Congrats Josie Mourinho. Toxic talent. You lose.


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