1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday. “BILL WALTON & THE NATION”

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The nation’s response to the Monday passing of Bill Walton has been amazing.

It was more than just a salute to his UCLA accomplishments.  The 73-game winning streak.  The back to back Player of the Year awards.  The NCAA championships.

It was more than just delivering the first championship trophy to the Portland Trailblazers in the Maurice Lucas era.

It was more than his Super utility role with the Boston Celtics.

And it was more than just his efforts to bring credibility to the woe-be-gone San Diego Clippers before Donald Sterling took the team to Los Angeles.

The nation’s salute in the last 24-hours was for what he became as a cult figure, beyond his love of the Grateful Dead, rock concerts and tie-dye shirts.  What he became in post playing career.

Read what they have written about Bill Walton, player and person, and be impressed.  He touched so many lives:

..Beacon of life
..World is less bright today
..Flower Child became a beautiful man
..Champion at every level
..Zest for Life
..Passion for helping
..Towering figure as a player-person
..Sentences without periods.
..Selfless star
..Life of charity
..Grateful Dead..Grateful Journey
..San Diego..from birth to death
..San Diego’s favorite son.

An amazing life-wasn’t it?


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