1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Chargers–Best Situation in Worst of Times”

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“Chargers-Best Opening-Worst Situation”


Ever heard of 3-Mile Island?

Nuclear power plant that broke down, leaked radiation in Western Pennsylvania in the 1970s.

There are times when NFL coaching jobs come open, the places resemble 3-Mile Island.

There are 6-NFL coaching openings as of this morning in the league.

The Chargers have the best job available, and it’s not because I am talking about the Hotel Del, Balboa Park nor the weather.

Whomever walks in the door in a couple of weeks as head coach, inherits Philip Rivers as quarterback-leader. He will inherit a group of young-diverse wide receivers, and a stud running back. There is a Hall of Famer tight end and a good young one too.He will have a superb pass rusher, a couple of pretty good linebackers, and a collection of DBs who are pretty good.

Yes there are problems, an overpaid-underachieving, oft-injured offensive line, and a team with a Stadium problem, fan support issues, and a tough division..

But there are two pretty high draft picks coming (7-39), there will be some salary cap space.

In Denver, they have great leadership in John Elway, who may be a bit pushy as a GM.

But the Broncos have no run game, and young and struggling offensive line, a high priced wideout, who doesn’t show up every Sunday.

They have a fierce pass rusher, but now age and injury across a chunk of that defense.

And they don’t have a proven winner at quarterback.

Jacksonville is a mess. The incoming coach has a quarterback killer in Blake Bortels who piles up great stats in garbage time, but does not win. Not much of a run game, less of a pass catching group.

Some semblance of defensive talent. But they were (14-48) and got the last guy fired.

The Rams job is fraught with issues..LA has one of the worst offensive lines in football. They cannot block for a great running back, and have to block while the raw rookie quarterback, Jared Goff, goes thru a learning curve.

The defense plays hard, but is asked to play too much, and because of salary cap issues, they’ve let veterans go.

The GM is in place, but they have not made the playoffs in 12-years.

In Buffalo, the bluster of ex coach Rex Ryan was almost as bad as the wind blowing off the lake.

But there the issues revolve around the lack of a quarterback, not much of a receiver group, and a defense that is showing lots of miles to it.

San Francisco is dysfunction-junction. Does the owner know what he’s doing? Does the team President know what he’s doing? There is no GM now, and the coach Chip Kelly failed.

Three head coaches in three years? What does that tell you about leadership.

The 49ers have little talent on the roster, and what talent there is, QB-Colin Kaperneck. is no longer what he was when he first came in, a dynamic playmaker.

No the Chargers have the best job opening there is. Of course I said that in 2013, when they landed Mike McCoy, who missed his mark, and is now gone.

My biggest fear, time is running out on Rivers’ clock, or he gets hurt. If he ever goes down, then San Diego becomes Buffalo, without the cold and snow, or Jacksonville, without the heat and humidity.

Some of these NFL coaching openings are indeed like 3-Mile Island, nothing left, no one around.

The only negative in San Diego is the toxic relationship the Spanos family has created with governmental leadership and its own fans.

Get the right coach in here, and win, you can then don Hazmat suits and clean up the ill-will spillage with the fans and the civic leaders.

San Diego doesn’t have to be a 3-Mile Island spot on the NFL map.
America’s Finest City probably offers America’s best coaching opportunity.


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