1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Chargers Coach-Less than Truthful-Less Than a Winner”

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“Less than Truthful–Less than a Winner”


Oh the story is so different now that he has changed his mailing address.

Mike McCoy, the deposed Chargers head coach, met with the media in Denver, where his homecoming is underway, his return as Offensive Coordinator.

When last seen up there, he had helped deliver the Broncos into the playoffs, even got them a post season win with the flawed quarterback Tim Tebow running the show.

He did such an amazing job under trying circumstances in the Tebow era, it earned him the opportunity to be the Chargers head coach. He got likely the best coaching opening there was, inherited the greatness of quarterback Philip Rivers, and then saw the franchise go downhill.

All is well now, as McCoy talked to the friendly Denver media about that last tour of duty, and how much fun it was ‘coaching up’ Tebow.

Of course here in San Diego, when asked about that accomplishment, McCoy never wanted to look back to his Broncos days.

Up there yesterday he talked about all he learned in San Diego, and how hard it was to get the coaching job done because of all the injuries the Chargers had incurred.

Of course, when offered the chance to explain the impact the devastating injuries had on the Bolts, he kept trotting out the phrase, ‘cannot use injuries as an excuse’ mantra to the San Diego media.

And then there was the ultimate slam, telling Broncos beat writers, that the ‘fires burned within him’ to call players again, something he could not do the last four years’.


Last I checked, McCoy was head coach. That’s equivalent to being the CEO of the football team. He has input in every game plan, especially over the dreary (4-12) and (5-11) seasons.

As Frank Reich was staggering around before he was fired, as Ken Whisenhunt had issues with losing so many skill players, it is hard to believe McCoy could not have stepped in and changed plays to help his battered quarterback along last season and the year before.

For a coach who kept reminding us it was his team, and it was on him, he sure did not do anything to take better control of the spiral down teams he was coaching.

Just another check mark in the book about McCoy’s credibility.

Check that page that reads “over his head as head coach-blatant liar-condescending loser”.

McCoy…less than truthful here….surely not a winner either.


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One Response to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Chargers Coach-Less than Truthful-Less Than a Winner””

  1. Rod Hurt says:

    Amen Hacksaw! He was just as successful as “IAN” (Incredibly Average Norv) at regressing a team full of talent. Methinks he will always be an Offensive Coordinator.

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