1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “CHARGERS–FIX FRANCHISE”

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The Chargers have completed the renovations, not of their practice facility in El Segundo, but fixing all that is wrong, in their front office.

The NFL team owned by the Spanos family, liked to refer to itself as the “1st Family of Football”.  AG Spanos, the son of Dean, and the grandson of Alex, coined that phrase on the family when they moved to Los Angeles.

Yes he did that, despite the fact that families who have won alot in the NFL, the Rooneys, the Maras, Jerry Jones, the Krafts, even Al Davis, seemed to have accomplished much-much more than Team Spanos, either in San Diego or their refugee home in LA.

But now the Chargers have raided the real ‘1st Family of Football’, hiring from the Harbaugh family and the Ravens organization.

The scoreboard shows that under the Alex-Dean-John-AG Spanos reign the Chargers have a composite record of (314-346).  So much for the fib about 1st family success.

Now they hire Jim Harbaugh, son of successful coach Jack Harbaugh, brother of Baltimore’s highly successful coach John.  Now that’s a football family with a track record of success.

Jim, (86-25) at Michigan, (49-14) with the 49ers.  Compare that record to the Spanos era.  John is (166-100) in his NFL head coaching career.  The scoreboard does not lie.

And the Bolts have now hired Joe Hortiz, highly successful Player Personnel Director, working with John Harbaugh and going (56-27) in his run with the Ravens.

That’s a big time track record of the two hires in the last week, all with ties to Team Harbaugh, in Ann Arbor and Baltimore.

The new coach is star-struck with the QB he inherits, Justin Herbert.  The incoming GM says ‘it’s time to win’ with the roster he takes over.

But there is alot of work to be done.

There may not be any Austin Ekeler at running back.

There are monster salary cap problems to address with at least 5-players, who have cap figures each north of (30M).

There is a salary cap figure that estimates the Chargers are now (55M) over the cap.

There is an injury history that has wrecked each of the last 3-seasons under Brandon Staley.

So as excited as the new coach is about what he inherits, he does not have a complete roster.  And for the new GM, he takes on the 5th and 37th picks in the opening rounds and a chance to fill holes.

Harbaugh has quite the track record as a head coach, roster builder, QB-developer and a creative of toughness.

Horitiz has done it thru the draft, in free agency, and off the waiver wire.  All will be ways the Bolts rebuild an underachieving-but cursed roster.

So the phony first family of football actually raids the legitimate first family of football to fix all things wrong with Chargers football.

Time will tell if the new hires can make this franchise special.  The past 34-years have not gone that way regardless of what the Spanos family wants you to believe.


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