1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Chargers Rumors–Fact-Fiction-Fraud”

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“Chargers–Crisis & Conspiracy Theory”


This is so much fun to follow from a distance, especially if you have special insight and know all the players in this table, and their history of dealing with issues.  And I do.

This is like ‘Murder on the Orient Express’, a real who-dun-it.

Or maybe it is more like the old board game “Clue”, you know with Colonel Mustard, Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock.

Talking of course about the 24-hours of rumors, innuendos, angry denials and all, about the future of the Chargers, the NFL team that vacated San Diego for the riches but no love market in Los Angeles.

“The Athletic Website” in a story floated by a longtime NFL writer, reported some ‘internal discussions’ at the owners level about the possibility the struggling ‘at the gate’ Chargers might be a candidate to be the franchise moved to London, England, where the NFL has been staging International games for years, and is dropping hints they’d like a full-time team in Picadilly Circus.

Then “Forbes Magazine” ran a story, from another NFL writer, reporting on rumors the failing Chargers might consider moving back to San Diego after 3-years of struggles in the LA market, where the team more resembles the old LA Clippers and the Donald Sterling rather than the franchise that wants to be recognized like the inconic Dodgers-Lakers-or even the heritage Rams.

Oh the angst did flow within hours of these stories going national.

There was owner Dean Spanos, emerging from the catacombs and shadows of his office, talking to the LA media, possibly for the first time since his bogus press conference, arriving in LA.  You do remember the one where the Chargers rented actors to dress up like fans?

Spanos, who never-ever says anything of value, dropped 4-“S-bombs” in his two sentence statement, denying any and all links to the NFL idea of London.  You know the rest of his story, committed to LA, grow it in LA, succeed in LA.  Eventhough the general consensus is they’ve lost the “Fight for LA.”

Then Fred Maas, one of Spanos’ trusted advisors, who helped him move the team from San Diego, went nuclear saying there would never be a thought of leaving LA to return to the teams 55-year home San Diego, the city they spurned after all those decades of loyalty.  He stopped short of cursing, but he was emphatic they would succeed in LA, no matter what.  Wins-losses-other teams-a bad owner-or Santa Ana fires.

Fascinating 24-hours.  Of course all this erupted a day after the LA Times lead columnist saluted the players on the field, for their surprise win over Green Bay, and went on and on, how the team deserved support, from its longtime San Diego fan base, and wouldn’t have support-ever in Los Angeles.

And now back to the ‘Who dun-it” part of all this.

Are you big into conspiracies?  Agatha Christie was with Hercule Poirot investigating this-that and some of the other, in Murder on the Orient Express.

So the LA Times lambastes the Chargers, just like they did the day the franchise was moved in 2017.

Then the Athletic runs a story about supposed conversations at the league level about London.

And Forbes digs into the depths of a move back to San Diego, where fans would welcome the team back with open arms, as long as it left th owner behind in Los Angeles.

Is it possible, and I am not a conspiracy guy, but is it possible, all these stories were planted by someone,  either designing to bury the Chargers once and for all in the LA market?

Or possibly float these stories, so there could be instant denials from a financially threadbare owner who is not well liked in his new home, after conducting a scorched earth policy to destroy his old home, to evoke some sort of tale-about love for LA-love us back?

Might say a Mark Fabiani have planted one of these stories and Fred Maas the other, so that Spanos could come front and center to deny it all, re-sell his love for a loveless LA market, and try to be painted as a victim in this Chargers-to-LA mess, rather than the guy to be blamed?

Could somebody within the Rams have dropped these rumors out there for the media to feed on, to destroy the Spanos-led franchise once and for all, so that the Rams will forever be the NFL team for Los Angeles?

Connect all the dots on all these angles for me and then let me know what you think.

In the train station in life, they are paging Colonel Mustard or Inspector Poirot to come investigate all this.

Nice drama involving the Bolts.  Fact-Fiction-Fraud.

Follow the clues.


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