1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “College Coaches-Money & Power”

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“College Coaching-Power & Money”


It never ends in college sports does it?

Not the games, the excitement, the football playoffs nor March Madness.

Talking about the scandals that go on and on and on.

The Ohio State Board of Trustees is meeting all day Wednesday, reviewing the probe of Coach Urban Meyer, and his handling of the domestic abuse cases involving former Buckeyes assistant coach Zach Smith, since fired.

Meyer’s knowledge of the scandal, his inertia in dealing with the scandal, and his truths-vs-half truths in describing what he knew and when, will all be part of a likely suspension.

Meanwhile at Maryland. everyone is waiting for axe to fall on Terps football coach DJ Durkin, under probe for a toxic culture of abuse directed at his players over the last two years.

Everything in College Park is wrapped around the early spring death of a young offensive lineman in so-called volunteer workouts, a fatality that has led to the firing of the training staff.

These are not isolated incidents.

Ole Miss is reeling under the scandals involving bonus payments to Rebel football players. Hugh Freeze will likely never coach again.

At Baylor, the mountain of evidence of sexual assault on campus, tolerated by coach Art Briles, has led to the end of his coaching career, and a terrible stain on the program..

Penn State’s iconic Joe Paterno died a month after being removed, for not taking action against assistant Jerry Sandusky, now imprisoned for sexual assault of youths, found guilty of 45-acts of crime.

Butch Davis was outsed at North Carolina in a payoff scandal to players, and now the Tar Heels are embroiled in a campus-wide academic scandal of fraudulant classes offered to student athletes.

Jim Tressel was removed when his players were implicated in selling sports equipment and a tatoo ring.

Bobby Petrino was fired at Arkansas in the wake of lies and coverups with a mistress.

And Louisville’s Rick Pitino was ousted in a sex party scandal run by an assistant coach, and a possible UL link to a slush fund payoffs to recruits. All this years after Pitino was implicated in his own mistress sex scandal.

Most all of the modern day scandals have ended,or will end careers.

Oddly Tressel returned to Ohio State as Assistant to the President, and is now the esteemed President of Youngstown State. He was one of the few found innocent of any wrongdoing, except guilty of ‘he should have known syndrome’.

Brings to mind what happened to Steve Fisher decades ago at Michigan.

Once upon a time, the NCAA handed down the death penalty to SMU’s football program, but it never seemed to curb the troubles off the field with coaches-players-boosters.

Not so anymore.

The old joke about the old SWC-Southwest Conference…SWC stands for ‘Someone Will Cheat’.

Or the SEC-power laden and rich…referred to ‘Sure-Everyone-Cheats’.

Power & Money change some coaches. Just look at the laundry list of .troubled programs and the coaches that lead them.

Maybe the correct phrase in college athletics, ‘Power & Money—Corrupt’.


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