1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “College Football–A Fractured Season—A Bogus Poll”

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“College Football-A Fractured Season”


They will start whatever is left of the college football season in a couple of weeks.

The SEC-ACC-Big 12 are going to soldier on, swim up stream, go against the grain, despite the fact the Virus-Crisis goes unchecked in many parts of the nation.

There will be no Big 10-nor-Pac 12 season.
Virtually all the other Division 1-conferences have closed the door ont the fall.
The entire Division 1AA-II-III seasons have been cancelled.

Those not playing this fall, are working to develop a model to play either in the winter, or play in the spring.

The Big 10-has approached the NFL about using domed stadiums for conference games that could begin in January-February.  If they play then, look for the PAC-12 to move in lockstep and come up with a similar schedule the same calendar time frame.

What is weird, the AP and USA Today issued their preseason polls, even though 53-Division 1-teams won’t play in the fall.

Because Ohio State and Oregon, preseason ranked teams, will not play in the fall, does that mean they drop in the polls weekly?

Even stranger, the College Football Playoff Committee, which operates outside the NCAA umbrella, says it will have its late season polls released in November and December, and they will pick playoff teams from whomever is playing at the end of the season.   Are we looking at an SEC-tournament come January?

It’s strange.  Only time will tell if the season launches.  Somebody should be scared at the 500-positive tests the first week of classes at Notre Dame or the 323-positive tests on the Alabama campus in a 3-day span.

None-the-less, here is the preseason polls for one and all to argue about.  And you can note, 11-of the top 25 are not playing football this fall.


1-Clemson…QB-Trevor Lawrence returns

2-Ohio State..QB-Justin Fields returns

3-Alabama..Must replace QB-Tua Tagvialoa and WR-group

4-Georgia..QB-JT Daniels transfers in from USC

5-Oklahoma..Life after QB-Jalen Hurts

6-LSU..Tigers without QB-Joe Burrow..RB-Clyde Helaire and WR corps

7-Penn State..Lions lost lead RBs

8-Florida..quietly rebuilding

9-Oregon…Justin Herbert era ends

10-Notre Dame..Powerful offense




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