1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “College Football Polls-None So Blind-Refuse To See”

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“College Football-None So Blind-Those Refuse to See”


The college coaches football poll is out, and it is so very important to everyone who roots, cheers, writes checks for the Power 5-Football powers.

So Alabama, with its dynamic QB-Jalen Hurts, is preseason ranked one. No argument there.

Florida State, loaded with talent, per the norm, is ranked 2nd in the country.

Ohio State, with a stable of running backs and its Buckeye defense is 3rd in the nation.

And USC is returning to glory, with QB-Sam Darold leading a parade of talent that stormed to the finish line after a (1-2) start.

But missing in the top 25, is the team that finished the Bowl season in the Top 25…San Diego State.

You remember them?

The Aztecs, who beat Josh Allen in Laramie in the MWC-championship game, and then smoked the Houston Cougars in their bowl game.

They return a ton of talent, led by the 3rd year QB-Christian Chapman (13-3) as a starter, and thousand yard rusher Rashaad Penny, and its defensive front seven, and its great field goal kicker John Barron…and above all, coach Rocky Long

Oh by the way, SDSU gets Boise State here, the team that they have started to beat with regularity. They play an unheard of 7-home games this year, including Stanford, preseason ranked too.

Of course the Aztecs did not get ranked. Agonizing to see Boise State ranked ahead of them in the poll too, knowing that the Aztecs have been them multiple times now over the past few seasons .

Go figure the voters, uninformed, not paying much attention, the same group of people that had SDSU finish in the top 25-to end the season.

The same thing happened to the little guy on the other street corner, in Division 1-AA football..

Dale Lindsey’s USD Toreros, the perennial Pioneer Champion.

The Blue put together another great season, getting into the polls, and then winning a playoff game at Cal Poly-the school that gives out 63-scholarships.

Befitting, the voters did the same thing to USD. Did not rank them, but ranked Cal Poly, despite what happened last season-post season.

Well we will wait to see what kind of message USD delivers with QB-Anthony Lawrence, TE-Russ DeWilley and pass rusher Jonathon Peterson, and a talent laden returning roster.

It would be nice if somebody nationally, these coaches, and these pollsters actually paid attention, and might try to recall what these coaches and their kids did last year at SDSU and USD.

Last I checked, it would mean a lot to a lot of people who pour time, money and heart into the Red & Black and the Blue. It is just as meaningful as it is in Tuscaloosa and other spots on the college football road map

The pollsters, none so blind as those who refuse to see, how good these teams here, are.


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