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“Coach Prime-Colorado”


The excitement has started to die down now in Boulder, home to Colorado Buffaloes football, and the new address ocach Deion Sanders.

Now a dose of reality has set in, followed by questions.

Questions like is Coach Prime being fair to the players that were in the program he inherited?

The scoreboad says those Buffs went an ugly (1-11) and led to the firing of former UCLA head coach Karl Dorrell.

They were young, not very athletic, not very good, not very competitive.

Enter Deion Sanders, coming off a phenominal (23-5) run over two years at 1AA-Jackson State, a historically black-college-university.

Coach Prime’s debut press conference was like a tent revival sermon, telling the throng in Boulder, who he was, how they were going to do business, and what he expected.

He also told CU players, here’s the transfer portal, you should consider entering.

He also alerted them, ‘I’m bringing my own  baggage’, in essence his own players including stars from Jackson State and what he would acquire via the transer portal.

Now the scoreboard is showing the aftermath of the tornado new coach and what it has brought to the Black and Gold.  Five months later, this is the new scoreboard.

He has 24-transfers on campus already, including his star quarterback son.

The wreckage left behind, a record 52-players are in the tranfer portal who wore CU colors last year, 52-of-90 on the roster.

An additional 12-have graduated and others have retired.  It appears there will be as many as 70-new names on the roster when camp opens in August.

Think about the turnover, the attrition.

Think about the lack of respect a new coach has for the players left behind in the wake of the miserable season the Buffs had.

Coaches guide programs; coaches are caretakers of the program; coaches are confidantes to the players.

it seems Deion Sanders felt that every bum in college football happened to play at Folsom Field and he didn’t want any of them, regardless of who they were, how they played, or what they were promised.

Nobody in the CU administratio feels any guilt about this?  Anyone turned off by this?  Anybody think this is ethical to run that many places off?

Anyone believe this was what the Transfer Portal was to represent?  Anyone think this is as bad as the bidding wars that have broken out via the NIL money being thrown around?

Just questions worth asking about Coach Prime, whom everybody was excited about in Boulder.  Maybe not so exciting now that 52-CU players look like they are victims of the coaching change?

Correct way to do business?



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