1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Covid-Some Do It Right-Others Don’t”

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“Some do it Right–Others don’t”


You watch CNN’s around-the-clock reports on the Virus-Crisis, and you wonder how the country is not paralyzed.

You see the sports teams playing, and you wonder how much longer this can go-before everything is shutdown.

The US map shows ‘red states’ everywhere, those being states with explosive virus outbreak numbers.

The NFL continues to add updated testing.  Not only are all players and staff members being tested  daily, now the league will go to PCR-Swab testing on the morning of game-days now.  Scared by what happened in Tennessee.

The league is now seriously considering a ‘hotel bubble’ for all teams once the playoffs start, if the league can get to the playoffs.  The Titans crisis has to scare them.

College football continues to play but now the SEC seems on the brink of a serious outbreak.  Nationally ranked Florida shutdown its football operations on Tuesday because of positive tests in its football team on Tuesday.  Vanderbilt has just cancelled its game next weekend because of the outbreak.

MLB is in the midst of their playoffs, and have now gone 48-days without a positive test, with all their teams in quarantine hotels now for the postseason.

The NBA crowned the Lakers as champions this week and the most impressive statistic, not the Lakers 17th NBA title, but the league went 96-days without a positive test in the bubble.

Same thing for the NHL, which went 9-weeks, 90-days, without a positive test in the Toronto-Edmonton hub cities they held the playoffs.

But all is not well.  The Quebec Junior Hockey League is now completely shutdown.  Last week, 18-players on one team, Blainville Armada tested positive.  Now 8-players from Sherbrooke tested positive.  Then Tuesday morning came reports that players on 7-other teams in the league have tested positive since the weekend.  Shockingly, we now find the QMJHL was not testing players because of costs, letting them play till they got sick.  It is spreading.

Daily testing and quarantining teams, players, coaches seems to be the only solution.  The rich and famous teams and athletes can do this.  People, like you, me, the guy down the street, don’t have that luxury.

Tough times, likely to get tougher, before they get better.  The Covid virus seems to be winning against everyone.


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