1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Dodgers-Padres-Why It Is The Way It Is”

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“Dislike Them–But Respect Them”


I know it’s got a lot to do with history.

Big City-vs-Little Town.

World Series Rings-vs-50 Years Failure

Loudmouth Manager-vs-Small Time Team

Big Budget-vs-Franchise Full of Firesafes

I get it.

This Dodgers-Padres thing that never ends.

I know why there is such dislike of all things Dodgers baseball.

Maybe it started with Koufax and Drysdale at act era.

Maybe it has more to do with the loud history of the very successful Tommy LaSorda.

Maybe it was the O’Malley families success vs the eras of C-Arnholdt Smith, Tom Werner etc.

Garvey-Cey-Lopes-Russell…the Davis Boys. Fernando Valenzuela. Nomo and more.

For years and years, what almost appears decades upon decades, the Dodgers have dominated the Padres, in the standings, in the box seats, in the games, in your state of mind..

They tortured Andy Green during his first three years of last places Padres baseball, battering them time and time again.

And here we sit in August, the Blue with a (75-40) record and the Friars fighting to stay out of last place, again.

As much as you might dislike the Dodgers, and their 216M payroll, you need to look deeper as to how they built this team. They’ve been to 2-World Series in a row, and though they did not win, they have been dominant in-season.

And whereby the Red Sox and Yankees, have built dynasties thru huge free agent signings, or taking on big salaries in trades, the Dodgers are doing this differently.

Clayton Kershaw, likely a Hall of Famer, is one of their own. The LA history of scouting and signing abroad has continued with the arrival of Hyun Jin-Ryu and Kenta Maeda.

Now Walker Beuhler and Dustin May are the latest to arrive from the farm system.

The everyday stars are their own. Cody Bellinger, Alex Verdugo, Corey Seager, Will Smith, and Joc Pederson, are the cornerstones now and the future.

They scouted and saw something in Max Muncy. They showed patience in picking up then journeyman Justin Turner.

Even the flashes that came from Yasiel Puig, prior to his trade, came from his LA upbringing.

Next in the farm chain might be highly regarded Gavin Lux and Kei Ramirez. And it goes on and on.

Oh you can boo them, get tired of the lifetime of praise for Vin Scully, or the historical perspective of Dodgers Stadium, but that team is atop the standings because of the good job done by that front office.

Last place baseball sucks. First place baseball is where everyone wants to be.

Dodgers baseball continues to do it. Not happening yet in San Diego

Padres Fans, you may not like them, but you should respect them.


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