1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday…”Final Week of Spring Training-What I See-It’s Not Much”

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“Final Week of Spring Training-What I See”


They’re breaking camp in the next 24-hours, the Padres-the Dodgers-the Angels.

We’re ready for opening day, I am not so sure all our team is .

Sports Illustrated just dropped a bomb on all the optimism about Padres baseball, the Latin America blueprint, the young players on the roster today.

“The worst rotation in baseball”…referencing the starting pitching that has Luis Perdomo and four other #4-starters on the mound. Perdomo has hand a very strong spring, finising up where he left off at the end of last year, with a good rookie season.

Trevor Cahill has been second best of the guys in the rotation, and seems to have re-discovered his stuff, after getting shunted to the bullpen by the Cubs during thier World Series season.

Clayton Richard will give you everything he has, but does he have enough to take the ball 31-times a year?

Jered Weaver is trying to manage his way thru lineups with very little velocity, but he competes with moxie and no-how, but not much else.

Jhoulys Chacin seems healthy, pretty competitive, and has strung together some good outings in the WBC and in the spring. No telling what we have here, but we’ll find out because he is the opening day starter at Dodgers Stadium.

That’s your rotation, and that’s not much.

Yes they have a deeper bullpen, but be wary of overuse, and answer for me, how many games will they actually get a chance to save, when you look at how bad the rotation is?

The Padres every-day lineup, even with the infield shuffling, looks stronger, has hit better than last couple of weeks.

Wil Myers is a rock at first base. Hunter Renfroe has hit in the spring, and now we see if he gets many strikes to swing at in a turly learning curve season.

Travis Jankowski has established himself at the top of the lineup with his grit, flare-hitting and base-running.

But there just does not seem to be enough talent on this roster, and this is who Andy Green will go to the war with a week from now.

The defense looks as good as it has in years, but they will probably be chasing lots of balls this year, hit to all fields, all over the yard, because of who is in the starting rotation.

We know the game plan, the blue print, the low payroll, the big investment in the farm system.

We also know that this team could lose 100-games easy this summer, and that’s without wondering what happens, how bad it gets, if someone good, goes down with a bad injury.

“Absolutely they will lose 100-games this year” blurted out an anonymous GM to SI.

But we will have beer blasts, and jersey-cap-giveaways, beach blanket days, and a good time at the yard.

We just won’t have a winning team, not this year at least.


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