1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “HALL OF FAME-HALL OF SHAME”

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It is a raging debate, hot enough to melt the snow on the curb outfront the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

This year’s voting admitted 3-for summer enshrinement.

Ignored again were those tainted by suspensions, drug tests,insinuations they cheated.

The career statistics of 3B-Adrian Beltre were staggering, not so much as a Dodger, but what he did on the other side of age 30-with Seattle then Texas.  Beltre’s (477HR-.286BA) were spread across a 22-year career of consistency.  He was rewarded with (95%) votes-superb.

Legendary Colorado Rockies slugger Todd Helton garnered (79%) of the vote after spending all 17-years of his career, hitting (.316-379HRs).  Lost in the conversion, his stats home-vs-road almost identical.

Twins do-everything hitting star Joe Mauer spent all 15-years of his career in Minnesota, where he finished with a (.306-143HR) set of stats, an amazing feat for the wear and tear position as a catcher.  He landed (76%) vote.

It is hard to believe one guy who was bypassed-again, ex Astros-Phillies closer Billy Wagner.  The lefthander who overcame a broken arm, rebuilt his style with sizzle, did not make it.  He missed by just 4-votes, got a 73%-approval rating, but snubbed despite (422-saves), (1196K-in 906 innings) and a lifetime (2.31-ERA.  He belongs.

Gary Sheffield is now off the ballot, despite 22-years of greatness, a (.292-career average) and those (509HRs).  He played for, or was moved 8-times in his career.  The insinuations of being a cheater weigh heavily in this year to year decision not to put him in.

And then there are the two legends with dominant stats, and steroid suspension.  Alex Rodriguez is down to (34%) vote, despite (696HR).  Ditto for Manny Ramirez  (555HR).  I think of their names and I immediately think of ‘AFraud-ARod-A Liar”.

And of course you think Hall of Fame credentials, better now known as cheaters, and Barry Bonds-Roger Clemens-Mark McGuire flash back into your mind’s eye.

That and the master liar-gambler Pete Rose too.

Headed to the Hall..good citizens-great players.  Out in the cold the cheats.

The heated arguments over who is not in, continue in Cooperstown, across all of baseball fans and in bars and on sports-talk shows nightly.

The Hall of Fame ballot includes words like character, honesty, sportsmanship among other important traits.

Wonder if things will ever change there?  Hell the country is about to try and re-elect an indicted felon, immoral, pathelogical liar as President Trump. Maybe those stained in baseball might still get it in.

But for this day, the pure greatness of the players and the people named Beltre-Helton-Mauer will be honored at Doubleday Field this coming summer.  No arguing needed to support that vote.


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