1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Holiday Bowl-What It Means”

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“Holiday Bowl–TV Delight”


You’re sitting at home in a snow drift in Buffalo and you see this year’s edition of the Holiday Bowl, Oregon-vs-North Carolina.

When your house and car is surrounded by 44-inches of snow, you see the Pacific Ocean sunset, or the Coronado Bridge.

The Holiday Bowl has become a Chamber of Commerce postcard on network TV for the San Diego market.  An advertisement for a wide open game.  A ticket for tourists to come visit America’s Finest City.

The first time I saw the Holiday Bowl, it was single digit weather at my home on Long Island, and I watched the wild SMU-Pony Express offense led by Eric Dickerson and Craig James.  I saw explosive football, and palm trees, and people in shirt sleeves.  It was 9-degrees where I was, and I knew the Holiday Bowl was special

The years have come and gone and the Holiday Bowl has given our community, and the nation spectacular shows.  Fireworks with the football.

Where do you begin?

Anything that involved BYU, Lavell Edwards, and his assembly line of quarterbacks, would be a good start.

Jim McMahon put the Holiday Bowl game on the radar.
Ty Detmer did the same.
So did Steve Young.
Maybe even Robbie Boscoe.

We have had great running backs, it doesn’t get any better than Barry Sanders-Oklahoma State, or college stud Blair Thomas.

They didn’t play much defense in some of these games, but that’s okay for sizzle on offense is the calling card from San Diego.

Big name teams came here too.  Old school Joe Paterno-Penn State.  Bo Schembechler-Michigan.  Texas Longhorns great Mack Brown.  Ohio State and so many more.

Hell I came here to an Arizona State-Arkansas Holiday Bowl game that wound up being a field goal kicking contest won by my Sun Devils.

Who knew that first trip to San Diego would lead me back here as the Voice of the Chargers, and the chance to sit here and cover so many other games like that.  And now it’s a new venue at Petco Park next door to the Gaslamp Quarter.

More of the same is likely in this Wednesday night matchup.

Oregon led by transfer QB-Bo Nix, his 41-TDs and (3,803Y) presents more than those snazzy Green & Lemon uniform designs.  They move the ball up and down the field.

North Carolina does the same, and this young throwing QB-Drake Maye is really special.  His resume shows (4,115Y) passing…over (4,700) yards in total offense and yes 42-TDs.

So it will be bitter cold from Maine to Miami for another day.  Half the world is stuck at airports or hotels nearby, but in typical Holiday Bowl fashion, this game will be heated and full of historical pass plays.

A part of San Diego that is really special, really important, and really an introduction nationwide as to why our community and this game, is worth paying attention to.

What else you doing in Buffalo tonight?


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  1. Chris says:

    Reads like this are why you are the franchise!

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