1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Lakers-Enough is Enough-Isn’t It”

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“Lakers-Enough is Enough”


If only cease and desist orders worked in the real world, this would all go away.

But they don’t especially in the White House, and surely not in the sports-world.

So everytime LaVar Ball opens his mouth, somebody in the media needs to feel that they have an exclusive, and a responsibility, to report ‘junk’.

People are tired of what LaVar Ball thinks, says, does. Why they keep covering him is beyond belief.

It’s like CNN-Fox running to cover every stupid tweet in the middle of the night that comes from the President you voted for.

You know the history of the Worst Mouth in the West. LaVar says this, LaVar feels that. LaVar wants you to cover it and react to it. The running totals show:

..Lonzo Ball can save the Lakers.
..Lonzo Ball can be better than Michael Jordan.
..Lonzo Ball will workout only for the Lakers.
..Lonzo Ball can be the next Magic Johnson.
..Lonzo this, that and some of the other.

The kid doesn’t speak out, nor stand up. He’s too busy being overwhelmed by trying to be a teammate and an NBA player.

The latest sludge spilled out of LaVar’s mouth from Lithuania, that the coach, Luke Walton, had lost the players, lost the lockeroom, couldn’t coach the team.

Of course the father never named names, so he must have felt all the players feel the same, including his son.

But Lonzo never responded specifically, saying generically, ” I can play for anyone”

LaVar’s latest rage came weeks after the team met with him, asking him to tone down the constant stream of criticism directed at the young coach, with an event younger roster.

How to respond. The kid can say publicly his father’s opinions are only his father’s and not his. Or the kid could say, we roll with Coach Walton.

Or Magic Johnson, who said he would control all this, should go on the offensive, take it to the basket, and slam dunk the old man by saying “his comments are unfair to the kid, the team, the organization”.

Around the NBA, reaction came quickly. Golden State coach Steve Kerr says the Ball Family soap opera to all things Kardashian and reality TV.

Dallas coach Rick Carlisle went after ESPN for giving the loudmouth father any type of platform.

Detroit’s Stan Van Gundy ripped the network too for having no standards of journalism for creating a story with no source accept the old man.

I am anxious to hear the response from the always opiniationed, super-intellect, Greg Popovich out of San Antonio.

Maybe it would take a superstar, soon to be free-agent, LeBron James to say he’d never consider a franchise, where there is turmoil, inferring about the LA situation.

This entire soap opera began the day after Lonzo Ball ended his 1-year, 1-and-done season at UCLA, with his father’s pronouncements.

It worsened opening night when LA Clippers players ripped into Lonzo, and beat him down on the court, and continued the tirade postgame heading to the lockeroom…’where’s your daddy now’.

So now we await the next chapter, involving Team Ball. The aftermath of the China shoplifting shopping spree, has sent LiAngelo and his brother, LaMelo, to go play in Lithuania. How do you think that will go?

And Lonzo is just halfway thru what shapes up as another terrible Lakers losing season. Too many kids on a roster, getting drilled too often, with lots of games to still play.

As if LaVar doesn’t have enough to deal with, now this lawsuit for non payment of bills from the company that helped rollout his athletic shoe-sports merchandize business on behalf of the Lakers rookie.

LaVar blew off the China incident by saying, ‘I’ve seen a lot worse on the streets of LA. Hey loudmouth, pay your bills, now that the Better Business Bureau gave his company a letter grade of “F” for its start.

Why do I get the feel, LaVar is as bad as the last overbearing father we had to deal with?

Anybody remember Marv Marinovich, and his passing quarterback son Todd? And how did that work out?

The father from hell, LaVar, about to make his basketball star son, go thru a season from hell.

LaVar, stop bawling. Let your kid start balling.


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