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“Farewell to Fan’s Friend”


It was the final media meeting with Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, as the team concludes it’s OTA-Mini camp workouts at Chargers Park.

Beginning Thursday, they start packing up the locker room-weight room-and the building and head to Costa Mesa to begin life as the Los Angeles Chargers.

Rivers leaves behind a legacy as a great quarterback, surrounded by a struggling team. He leaves with all the Dan Fouts passing records. He leaves with those 400-yard passing days,the 4-TD games and yes the 4-interception days….the guy who always got up after the quarterback sacks…..all those comeback wins, and the knowledge he made every skill player around him better.

He leaves with the admiration of the media, for always being available, thru good and bad, always honest, always quotable.

We remember him for his feuds with Jay Cutler, his dislike of all things in Kansas City colors, the lopsided blowout wins over the Raiders.

We gather thoughts of him standing by troubled coach Norv Turner and Mike McCoy, his affection for Marty Schottenheimer, and his good citizen status in a community as he and his wife raise 8-kids.

His closing comments from Chargers Park to our media questions:

“Trying not to rethink the sentimentality of this week”
“I spent 300-days a year in this building-so the memories will be there”
“Memories of Qualcomm everytime I drive by it”
“I see the moving truck every day-I know things are going away”
“This new training camp will be very different for me”
“Antonio Gates and I-we both started here-we will never forget it”
“Life in San Diego special-I had been west of Mississippi once”
“This has been an excellent life”
“I have enjoyed this team and this community”
“13-years progression as a person and as a player”
“I will call San Diego my home”
“I have to move on emotionally once camps opens”
“This time here will always be special”

Thanks to Philip Rivers for who he is, how he acts, what he represents. The owner can take his team, he cannot take our memories, nor the love-respect of our quarterback


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