1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “NBA Draft Lottery-1 Answer-Tons of Questions”

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“The NBA Draft Lottery-Now We Know?”


There was excitement, and there was tension, and then there were even more questions.

We know who got the first pick in the NBA draft, the New Orleans Pelicans. We also know that means Duke’s outstanding freshman will play on Bourbon Street next year. Who his teammates will be, remains to be seen.

We also know that the aging and oft-injured Memphis Grizzlies will pick second.

The New York Knicks, rewarded for ownership incompetence since James Dolan bought the team in 1999, will draft third, after hoping that good luck charm, former Knicks star Patrick Ewing, might help them get the 1st pick, just like the night in 1995, when he wound up in New York when they won the lottery.

The Lakers made the biggest jump, going from 11th, to move up to the 4th pick, but that answers nothing in this off season of front office chaos..

It was a hard night, for both Phoenix and Cleveland, falling out of the top three, the Suns tumbling to 6th, right behind Cleveland, which fell to 5th.

We know about Zion, but we know notihng else.

Here’s a list of questions we will kick around for the next month, before the draft comes up in late June.

The Pelicans get the 1st pick and Williamson. Does that change the mind of soon to be free-agent Anthony Davis and will he rescind his demand to be traded this summer, now that he’s gone another really good player next to him?

Or does New Orleans say ‘see ya’, and burn the bridge behind him. Might the Pelican shop Davis, reopen talks and try to extract a pound of flesh, from say the Knicks at three , or the Lakers at four, and move Davis in a blockbuster deal?

Does New York, with two max free agent slots, make a move to get Anthony Davis, and then lure free agent Kevin Durant out of Golden State, giving up the 3rd pick in the process?

Or should the Knicks stay where they are, draft guard RJ Barrett, bring back young phenom Kevin Knox, and sign two from the outside, say Durant and Kyrie Irving?

Do the Lakers turn around and try to heal the wounds from the first series of trade talks with the Pelicans, restart them, and use their 4th pick plus one of their young stars, Brandon Ingram, to try to acquire Anthony Davis now?

Do the Lakers stay where they are, and go get another good young player, say Virginia’s DeAndre Hunter, with the fourth choice, and still have 1-max contract to give to lure a free agent, maybe Kyrie Irving?, Who will LeBron James’ new teammates be next year?

We answered one question, but we have so much more to look forward to, going towards the NBA draft in late June.

If you’re a fan of one of the bad teams high atop the draft list, don’t walk away, you’ll probably miss something.

The draft has been superseded by free agency, and potential trades. Not bad for the fans and the media. Might be a 6-week migraine headache though for NBA-GMs.

The lottery didn’t solve things, just made it more complicated.


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