1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “NBA Playoffs–Amazing Theatre”

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NBA-Big Shots-Big Fouls”


Some kind of theatre we are seeing in the NBA  playoffs.  The fans are enjoying it for sure.

LAKERS-WARRIORS…The Lakers keep finding different people to step up and save them.  Golden State coach Steve Kerr can’t find any consistency from any of his support players, and continue to play poorly on the road.  Lots of bravado talk from the Warriors but they are down (3-1).  A shame if Steph Curry cannot go on to the next round.  LA has so many guys contributing to this rally.  All this from a team that nearly missed the play-in series.

NUGGETS-SUNS….Lots of ill will in this series.  Nikola Jokic-vs-the Suns owner…Kevin Durant vs everybody…alot of cheap stuff with Jamal Murray.  And yet tons of big scoring games, but the Suns are in trouble, even with the explosive Devin Booker.

BOSTON-76ers…The Celts are on the brink of being expelled from the playoffs. The bench has just not played well and they don’t have answers for Joel Embiid and James Harden.  This would be a rotten outcome in that city, considering what just happened to the NHL-Boston Bruins, wiped out on home ice and eliminated after setting all those records during the regular season.

MIAMI-KNICKS…Two teams beset with injuries and yet the Heat on the brink of knocking NY out of the playoffs.  All this with Jimmy Butler playing on an oft-injured anile.  Real unhappiness in New York about the in and out play of F-Julius Randle.  So hot in stretches and now so cold at the most important time of the season.  No one thought this could happen, Miami still playing in May.


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