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1-week to go in the NFL schedule, and we are waiting for the axe to drop on coaches in trouble.  Or maybe it won’t.  A quick look at trouble spots and coaches in trouble in the NFL.

NEW ENGLAND….An interesting report surfacing in what was supposed to be the final week in Bill Belichick’s coaching career with the Patriots.  The downhill slide continued this year, with the Pats skidding to (4-12).  The Super Bowl runs of the Tom Brady era seem a long time ago.  Now a report, owner Robert Kraft might not fire him, let him coach the final year.  But as a trade off, Kraft would take the Player Personnel decision power away and hire a new GM above Belichick.  Stay tuned for this.

WASHINGTON…It’s almost accepted now that both Ron Rivera and Martin Mayhew will be ousted by this time next week, as they have overseen the demise of the franchise.  The removal of troubling owner Dan Snyder solved a credibility problem, but has not solved the roster problems at quarterback and across the entire offense.

ATLANTA..An unhappy  owner Arthur Blank might make a move after 3-straight (7-10) seasons with Arthur Smith as coach.  The roster rebuilding has taken longer than normal, and the QB-crisis seems serious.

JETS..Robert Salah will remain as coach, but upheaval is coming on the offensive side of the ball is coming, coaching staff and on that roster.

GIANTS..It appears the Giants will go one more year with Brian Daboll as coach, but they need player upgrades on offense.

CHICAGO…A late season surge seems to have saved the coaching staff, and the fact the Bears have the lst pick in the draft via a trade means more players and picks are coming at draft time.

CAROLINA…Impulsive owner David Tepper has already fired 3-head coaches in his tenure.  He may have a GM opening too.  But who wants to go to work for a meddler.  He may have the quarterback of the future, but there’s not much on the roster..

CHARGERS…The Jim Harbaugh watch is underway, and the fact he just hired NFL-agent Don Yee leads you to believe he will look hard at taking over the Chargers reigns.  Whom they hire at GM is intriguing.

RAIDERS…Antonio Pearce has taken the Raiders to a (4-4) record since mid season, but you can only win so much with emotion, they really need players.  Mark Davis also needs a stronger GM to go with whomever they hire as Coach.

SAINTS…Ownership just gave .500-coach Dennis Allen next year to take this team up a notch in the standings.  Not much success since Sean Payton left the Crescent City.

TAMPA BAY…Looks as if Todd Bowles has survived much like his QB-Baker Mayfield has also.  No changes coming there.

TENNESSEE…Mike Vrabel has done lots of good things, but it looks like a major rebuild is about to begin in Nashville, and Vrabel will oversee it.

Everyone is looking for the next DeMeco Ryans (Houston) and Shane Stiechen (Colts).

Do you hire a veteran coach who has rebuilt a resume like Dan Quinn (Dallas)..Jim Schwartz (Cleveland)…or Rhaheem Morris (Rams)?

Do you try to find the next hot coordinator llike Ben Johnson (Detroit) or Frank Smith (Miami)?

Coaching interviews of college coaches can start as soon as the Bowl season is over.  Interviews with coaches on other teams cannot begin until the Divisional Playoffs in the NFL are done in 3-weeks.

We have openings, we have more openings coming too.


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