1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “NFL–Houston We Have A Problem”

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“Houston–We Have a Problem”

Pretty famous words spoken back in the day during the NASA program.

Those words fit the crisis today, not involving rocket ships, but the rocket arm of superstar QB-Deshaun Watson.

Day-by-day, the ledger grows of sexual misconduct lawsuits filed by one lawyer against the Houston Texans star quarterback.

The lawyer, Tony Busbee, has gone to social media to document each of the lawsuits, 16 as of Tuesday night, involving 24-women, charging Watson with lewd conduct in incidents now in Texas, California and Florida.

Watson has hired legendary, controversial lawyer Rusty Hardin to defend him, and it has evolved into a mud-slinging series of tweets, and press conferences.

Busbee’s language in the suits calls the quarterback a ‘serial sexual predator’, saying these women, massage specialists, were lured into appointments with an NFL star, then forced into acts against their will.

The media describes Busbee as a ‘thrill seeking-self promoting lawyer.  Hardin called the lawyer a ‘carnival barker creating a circus atmosphere’.  He says the allegations are meritless and is now using the term ‘blackmail.’

It’s ugly with words i documents..allegations against Watson:
..Oral Sex
..Lewd Conduct
..Illegal touching

Watson has denied anything happened.

So now we get to a new set of words…’He said-she said’….’Innocent till proven guilty’.

Unless there is video, unless there are text messages, or screen shots, it’s hard to see how to connect the dots.

The Watson scandal comes a month after he went public asking for a trade, refusing to meet with the incoming coach David Culley and new GM-Nick Caserio.

All this after a miserable season, in which Coach-GM Bill O’Brien was fired early in the season.  The controversial trade of his star WR-De Andre Hopkins.  The release of legendary DE-JJ Watt.  The signing of 24-new free agents by the new leadership in the last two weeks.

The NFL has a history of doing interventions, suspending players after its own in-house investigations.  See what they did to Steelers QB-Ben Roethlisberger and Cowboys RB-Ezekiel Elliott for sexual incidents.

This is not an Antonio Brown series of arrests, nor a Josh Gordon series of violations of the aftercare program.

This seems to have serious consequences, if this is true.

The bizarre scene in Houston should lead the NFL to put Watson on the Commissioner’s Exempt List, while the investigation is underway.  Watson would continued to get paid, but he is removed from the Texans facility, banned from meetings with coaches, or taking part in off season workouts.

And if the Texans had privately reached the conclusion they would take the team to Ground Zero and trade the unhappy quarterback, this derails any of those talks with Miami-Jets or anyone else.

Watson is not toxic, but tainted, and no one will give up three first round picks, the rumored price in the draft next month, without knowing Watson would be able to play.

The NFL needs to intervene for a credibility move in dealing with the Texans star.

Who knows what is fact or fiction, or what is truth vs lies, explanations vs agendas, but 16-lawsuits, and 24-women leads us to believe there is a serious problem there.  A court case coming, maybe.  A defamation of character lawsuit against a lawyer, possible too.

‘Houston-we have a problem’.


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