1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “NFL-QBs–Changing of the Guard”

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“NFL-Quarterbacks—Changing of the Guard”


You know it will happen one day.
The Quarterbacks will be gone.
Maybe it’s happened and we did not even know it.
Maybe it is common place, but still it’s tough to see great ones go.

John Elway retired.  so did Peyton Manning.
Andrew Luck up and left injured.
Eli Manning left saddled with losses and interceptions.

We knew the next wave had arrived, led by Russell Wilson and all things-Seattle. , Deshaun Watson. can play but needs more help around him in Houston.
Patrick Mahomes is now into his 3rd year of explosive Sundays in Kansas City.

Here came Lamar Jackson and his dynamic Baltimore skills.
Jared Goff had success early, going to the Super Bowl already..
Dak Prescott has won alot but not the big one in Dallas.
Ben Roethlisberger has a Hall of Fame resume in Pittsburgh and still time left on the clock.

A new coach and a new lease on life in Green Bay for Aaron Rodgers.
It has been fascinating to watch Cam Newton in New England on a changing team.
Who knows what to think about Jim Garoppolo in San Francisco.

We are waiting for Sam Darnold to become a star, but that is a bad Jets team right now..
The same for young Giants 2nd year thrower Daniel Jones on a really bad  team.
Drew Lock has shown flashes in Denver but now is hurt.

Others washed out like Blake Bortels.
The jury is still out on Mitch Trubisky in Chicago.
Ryan Tannehill won at the end of last season in Tennessee, but can he do it again?
Derek Carr seems caught in the middle of a love-me..love me not career in Las Vegas.

Carson Wentz seems to be regressing in Philadelphia.
One fears Matthew Stafford is wasting away in Detroit.
Ryan Fitzppatrick is minding the store in Miami for the time being waiting for Tua.
Alex Smith got hurt, robbed of greatness at the top of his career..

Gardner Minshew seems like a gunslinger, but can he win in Jacksonville.
It might be too early to determine Dwayne Haskins future with Washington.

Matt Ryan seems to be a man left behind by the collapse of his Atlanta Falcons.
Teddy Bridgewater is trying to hold onto his career, now in Carolina
Kirk Cousins has played poorly in Minnesota, and that’s alot of money he makes.

Who knows what to make of the ups-downs of Cleveland’s Baker Mayfield.
Josh Allen seems to have arrived now that he has good people around him in Buffalo.
And Kyler Murray is wowing everyone in Arizona.
Justin Herbert was pretty flashy in his Chargers debut.
Joe Burrow is a big game player on a low talent grade Cincinnati team.

This season may be the last for three future Hall of Famers.
Philip Rivers still wants to make big plays for the Colts, but is not the same he was before.
Sadly Drew Brees looks to be the middle of the road aging veteran in New Orleans.
Tom Brady has not dominated yet in his debut games in Tampa Bay.

The NFL is all about quarterbacks.
You got one good for you.
You have an old one-good luck this year
You don’t have one, you better draft one soon.

The most important position in the NFL, quarterback, undergoing a changing of the guard.


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