1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “NFL–The Cost of QBs”

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“The NFL–The Cost of QBs”


Money, it’s what the NFL is all about in the off season.

The bigger question…’How much is too much?’

Not passing records, TD throws, wins-losses or even Super Bow rings.

What’s the next great QB in the league going to earn in his next deal?

That is the 1-billion dollar question for lots of GMs and capologists around the NFL.

And that is the storyline if you mention these franchise star QBs.  Joe  Burrow, Justin Herbert and Jalen Hurts were drafted to take their franchises to record setting seasons.  They have and they will be paid for it.  They are headed into the final years of their deals, as their first contracts expire.

The same with a Lamar Jackson, who is now an unrestricted free agent.

The numbers are staggering.

Dak Prescott got 40M a year.
Desean Watson, controversy and all got 230M-guaranteed, at 40M per..
Patrick Mahomes got a 45M a season deal
Kyer Murray took it to 46M
Russell Wilson redid his package to 49M
Aaron Rodgers did it to the tune of 52M each, the next two years

We know this for certain, the prices keep going up so better to pay now rather than find out what the price in Cincinnati, LA or Philly might be a year or two from now.

You can franchise tag a QB twice, but the pay scale rockets each time you do that.  A Burrow tag would be worth 42M.  A year from now if you tag Herbert, the dollar value is probably 52M that season.

And that is a big salary cap hit too, eventhough the cap is rocketing year by year because of the NFL’s huge gains in gross revenue.

Capologists like the term ‘cost certainty’ and the only certainty in the NFL is that the QB numbers will continue to escalate.

And the arguments now expand to contain the phrase ‘guaranteed money’ in each of these big number deals.

In all likelihood, if you give the Bengal, the Charger, the Ravens QB a 400M-extension, you guarantee probably 300M of that, and before you get to the end of that deal, you are ripping it up and giving him more guaranteed money as long as he is healthy.

The Union wants you to believe since Cleveland gave Watson all 5Y guaranteed, 230M-guaranteed, every quarterback from this point on should get the same type of guarantee.

‘No’ has been the response from owners and general managers, refusing to plant their flag on the North Pole like the Browns owner did.

Big paydays coming for the next wave of big time star quarterbacks.

Millions and Billions coming the way of Burrow-Herbert-Hurts-Jackson.  The cost of doing business with the most important people on the team, a star quarterback seems to carry a ‘sky’s the limit pricetag’


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