1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “NFL–Virtual Draft–Very Different–Funny Too”

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“NFL Virtual Draft—Very Different–Very Funny Too”


Week 7-of the Virus-Crisis lockdown in San Diego.  Except for a morning rehab run everyday…1-trip per week to the grocery store…1-per week carry out dinner…I am here at home..

I have been landlocked at my home in San Diego…sitting at my desk in a corner office of my house looking out at the window.  Tired of CNN-MSNBC non stop news.  Saddened by the out of town scoreboard…Covid 19-positive cases and death counts.

Tired of bad movies on TV, and worn out look at old movies and old baseball-football-basketball and hockey games on TV too

Did I really sign up for 24-7/365 to be with the wife every minute of every day when I said ’till death do us part?


Random thoughts about where things are at this moment.

NFL VIRTUAL DRAFT….It got better and better as it went…Think it simplified the draft…opened the eyes of GMs-Coaches how to do business differently.  Wish they had taken us to control center at ESPN for a closeup look at how the producers and directors actually ran the show

WORKING FROM HOME…Interesting all the camera shots of the GMs-Coaches working from home.

BENGALS…Zach Taylor-2nd year coach, coming off the (2-14) maiden season, working from a table, 2-chairs, 1-computer in corner of room-1 picture hanging above it..no furniture anywhere else.  Rather spartan surroundings…kind of like the team he works for…rather spartan too.

GIANTS….Dave Gettleman-veteran GM..working from two tables…with an IT guy around him….wearing an N-95 mask…rightfully so since Gettleman is a cancer survivor.

ARIZONA…And you thought the Arizona Biltmore was luxurious….Kliff Kingsbury mansion, in a gated community, on a mountain top…made me think of a resort in Bavaria….the late Bill Bidwell must be spinning in his grave at the amount of money they gave that coach so he could buy a place like that.

NEW ENGLAND….Working from dining room table, Bill Belicheck disregarded anything fancy, one computer, one smart phone the first night…then it was an empty chair with only his dog there….maybe the dog made the picks and that is explanation for no QBs or WRs drafted.

TAMPA BAY…Work done before the draft, the Bucs getting Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski, getting rid of Jameis Winston,  so Bruce Arians just wearing shorts and a tee shirt, hanging on his patio, drinking a cold one along the way.  About as simple as it gets.

BEARS…Award for the best wall decor goes to head coach Matt Nagy, who had all his game-day play call cards pasted on the wall as a wallpaper design…wonder if there were any completed passes on those call cards?

VIKINGS..Nothing wrong with style, Moosehead on wall, blazing fireplace, books on coffee table…only thing missing from Mike Zimmer’s home…bottles of wine and classical music.

BALTIMORE….Now we know John Harbaugh’s favorite pastime when not teaching defense…building birdhouses…nice hobby.

DALLAS…Nothing sells ‘Rich & Famous’ than Jerry Jones on his million dollar yacht with pretty women around…Always elegant…nothing wrong with opulence if its yours.

HOUSTON…Candid camera moment-Texans coach Bill O’Brien screaming into a phone…so someone had War Room mentality in full effect…later reports he was yelling as Detroit backed out of a trade with the Texans.

CHARGERS…Tom Telesco hauling his 3-kids and his dog into the family workspace…wonder if he asked them if they wanted the QB from Alabama or Oregon…Daughter did post draft interview-he answered her like he answered me-structured football riddled-cliches.

RAIDERS…Jon Gruden seemed all geared up, as if he was ready to run out the house, and go workout his new draft picks immediately after the round was over…Always wearing Silver & Black garb, he looks just like all things Jim Harbaugh wear, Michigan cap-blue shirt-tan pants every minute of everyday.

Pretty interesting 3-nights, but no closer to actually getting NFL teams back in the building, on the field, or to games.

Back to sitting next to the wife now.


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