1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “PAC 12-WHAT IS NEXT”

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It’s been nearly two minutes since the Pac 12 died and no one knows what West Coast football will look like once the 2024 season is done.

The angst, anger, frustration is everywhere.  A closeup look at the different storylines.

PRESIDENTS…The condemnation of the bulk of the leaders of the Pac 12 remains strong.  That they were selfish.  Were not honest.  Did not work together.  Were out for money and nothing else.

UCLA…Bad decision after bad decision and something like (106M) in athletic department debt.  Trying to bail themselves out of lousy leadership incurred before the arrival of ChipKelly and Mick Cronin.

USC…Arrogance and nothing else drove them to the Big 10.  It was a horrid disregard for over a century of tradition in the conference.  Of course there is the dark stain of the resignation of controversial AD Mike Bohn.   Yes Lincoln Riley and Caleb Williams will lead the Trojans to greatness in football.  But basketball and every other sport won’t carry the Trojan flag into all those road trips.

OREGON..Led the breakaway that resulted in Black Friday when they refused to accept a substandard Apple TV contract.  Big difference in taking a lowball (20M) offer when the Big 10 deal starts at (30M) and goes to (50M in later years.  They did not want to be blamed for the end of the league, but they did not work hard at staying.

WASHINGTON…When the Ducks left, the Huskies were not far behind, saying nothing that was presented was viable.

ARIZONA..A national power in basketball, and mid level football program, they surely don’t seem to fit in the Big 12, but they got (37M) to join in the TV deal.

ASU…A big TV market, an up and down football program, an aspiring basketball program.  Weird fit to go tot he midlands, but it was about money again

UTAH…Quite an impact program.  They went from Mountain West to Pac 12 without skipping a beat and pounded their way to wins the last couple of years.  They should do well in the new league.

COLORADO…Despite the flash and the mouthy comments of Deion Sanders, this will be a long road back.  Big 12 schools will like to see Neon Deion, his cowboy hats and boots, but they may still be a (1-11) team.  No bowl games in 11-years while in the Pac 12.

CALIFORNIA..Real slippage in the football program.  A (3-29) basketball program, and left behind facing a big financial hit.

STANFORD..Elite academic reputation and some success in football and hoops.  A prestige place Palo Alto, and they have to stay linked to Cal to lead a league comeback

OREGON STATE-WASHINGTON STATE…Just devastating the financial setback with a small money TV contract coming for 2025-regardless of the realignment outlook.  The Beavers-Cougars had money problems and it’s now worse, despite moderate success with football coaching changes.  They have joined hands to try and lead a new look future.

Who they get, what the new conference looks like may take time.  The financial trauma will be significant.

Money talks, people walk, leaving alot of damage and ill-will behind.




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