1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Padres Baseball-Questions Everywhere”

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“Memo….Just Asking”


Sitting here waiting for these 100-degree days in San Diego to end.
Sitting and think about questions with a team that is struggling.


..Who do you think will do all the talking Thursday when Fernando Tatis sits with Peter Seidler and AJ Preller?

..Does anyone standup in the Padres clubhouse and say anything critical about Tatis’ decision making issues in his life and its impact on the team?

..Has Tatis lost his leadership ability within the Padres clubhouse?

..Has Manny Machado become the leader of this team?

..Will his father shut up, attacking the Padres front office and roasting the meda about his son’s bad decisions?

..Does anyone remember that Tatis-Senior was mentioned in the Mitchell Steroid report back in the day?

..The Padres are (26-28) this year against teams with winning records. The Friars are (10-18) vs starting pitchers ranked in the top 25-in baseball. The team has lost 25-games to sub-500 teams this year. Does that spell Mediocrity?

….Do you think it was fair GM-AJ Preller blasted Tatis using words like maturity, trust, honesty?

..Will the Padres callup Jose Castillo from El Paso to help solidify the back of the bullpen?

..Drew Pomeranz is heading to El Paso on his rehab stint, after missing the entire season with forearm problems. He’s made alot of money but does he have anything left in the tank?

..Padres fans are storming to the phones to the teams flagship station 97.3-FM hammering Tatis. Fire him-trade him-get him out of here. The stations talkshow hosts have been apologists forever, now they are letting inmates run the asylum and the station. Awful lot of unhinged people out there?

..Is Tatis’s suspension the worst betrayal of all time with this franchise? The drug addiction of Lamar Hoyt coming off great San Diego years, that wrecked his career and life, was pretty serious. Ken Caminiti battled demons, alcohol, steroids and then died of cocaine years later, but he was on the field all the time. Alan Wiggins substance abuse destroyed his career too. But Tatis damage to a pennant race team seems to carry more implications, doesn’t it?

Looking for answers while running damn air conditioning all hours of the day.





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