1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Padres Baseball-Why Always Wait Till Next Year?”

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“Questions Worth Asking”


Padres baseball…it’s the same old thing every year.

It’s as if the two biggest days of the season for the Friars, are opening day at home…and trading deadline day to see who leaves.

You may call it a fire sale..or a retooling…or reinvesting in assets, but it always gives you the end result.

Veteran players leaving…young unproven players coming in…and a guarantee of the bad finish to another Padres season.

Doesn’t matter if it was in the Robbi Alomar-Derrick Lee era….the Fred McGriff time…up to the more recent Matt Kemp transactions, to what we had Monday, regretful goodbyes to young guys.

Brandon Mauer, Trevor Cahill and Ryan Buchter all go to Kansas City. Three arms, all sent to a team in the pennant race. The Padres got a rookie league 2nd baseman at least 4-years away, another journeyman pitcher, and a lively arm with a bad knee injury on the disabled list for the year.

When in major league baseball have you seen any club deal 3-pitchers off their major league roster at one time? Not recently, I will guarantee you that. Only in San Diego.

It does continue the AJ Preller pattern, move players, get young prospects, sadly guys we won’t see for 3-to-5 years, if we see them at all.

Next to go will be relief ace Brad Hand, if Preller gets his price, three for one.

Just one question, when will the Padres ever put a true major league product of 25-quality players on the field again?. Not this year, and probably not the next two years. See you in 2020?

Ownership is all in, no doubt, on the future, with the money they have spent in Latin America and on draft picks.

No doubt the Houston Astros-Chicago Cubs plan worked for those clubs. We’re waiting and hoping here.

Sure it’s fun to see Hunter Renfroe hit bombs and Austin Hedges throw out guys on the bases, and the kid pitcher Dinelson Lamet and Luis Perdomo have good outings.

But there are a ton more strikeouts than hits, errors than big plays, and bad innings than wins.

But what’s really sad is ownership has given us a select group of young players they are force feeding, all hitting (220-to-250)…and surrounded them with a cast of refugees and 4-A-Triple A players.

It’s a pretty poor product on the field, and as shaky a roster as you can have this side of the pathetic Phillies. We are alot closer to the last place lousy Giants than we are the first place Dodgers or Giants.

All the while charging major league prices for what is another summer of poor baseball.

We in the media go and cover the games and stories. The UT is spending more time writing about guys in the lower minors, most of whom won’t ever get here, than they are writing about the major league team. Ever notice where Padres game stories are now placed-buried in your morning paper?.

Attendance has slipped despite the ‘good time’ reputation Petco Park has for family fun.

TV ratings are lousy, Radio ratings are at an all time low. Their broadcast partners have been hurt.

Wonder if the Padres leaders understand the damage being done to their corporate sponsorship partners?

I just wonder when Padres baseball will ever get good again?

Guess we’ll have to wait on that, while waiting for the next trade of another Padres player.

Question worth noting. When will it ever get good again?


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