1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Padres Fans–Stop The Stupid Stuff”

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“Memo to Bloggers-Stop the Stupid Stuff”


Everyone has an opinion, and now most everyone has a way to express it.

The whole world out there has blogs. A ton are developing their own podcasts.

Now they have the freedom to create content, and then to comment on their creation, as if it is fact and they have a valued opinion.

To quote your President Donald Trump….’fake news’


The latest episodes come from anyone-everyone.

Topics include will the Padres trade relief ace Kirby Yates? Which power hitter out there should the Padres trade for? What can they get for slump ridden Wil Myers? Will San Diego be a seller or a buyer at the trade deadline?

All this, written by people in their bedroom, their garage, their basement. All these authors, so called authorities, have never been inside the Padres clubhouse, in the dugout, or at press conferences or on club conference calls.

The citizens journalists of the world are going crazy with their own content and their own opinions.

Why would the Padres ever entertain thoughts o trading 29-save relief ace Kirby Yates? They have built themselves into a near wildcard team. To get to the next level, you need an established closer. They dealt their last one Brad Hand to the Indians for young catcher Francisco Mejia, who is not quite ready to be an everyday catcher.

There is no closer in the system ready-made. Not Troy Wingenter, prone to episodes of wildness. Surely not 101mph reliever Gerrado Reyes, plagued by walks. Not even the young phenom Andres Munoz, blowing people away in AA-ball.

As one longtime scout told me last week…’yeah they can throw 102 miles an hour but alot of the time they don’t know where the ball is going’.

And why would you think you’d want to package a bunch of your young prospects to trade for an established bat? Why would shipping two or three kids in the system for a short term veteran rental be good business?

And where are you going to play an acquisition, in a crowded infield, or a traffic jammed outfield?

Yes Myers is a huge disappointment, but if you ever got someone hurt, Hunter Renfroe, Manny Margot, Franmil Reyes, you’d need him There is no real established replacement in often hurt Franchy Cordero or even Travis Jankowski, who’d be a diffrence maker.

The best deals come in the off season, when you have real time to shop players, like Wil Myers, and have had time to evaluate with all your scouts, what they saw from prospects in other organizations you might want to do a deal with.

But the bloggers and the podcast people all have these opinions.

The Padres need to quit trading established players for prospects, now they are so close to where they haven’t been in nearly a decade, the playoffs.

They need a well thought out plan to determine if one veteran acquistion can take the team to next level. Dealing Yates now, or even giving up on Myers makes no sense. .

That’s why Bobby Blogger….Peter Podcast should not be taken seriously ever.

The Padres start the 2nd half of the season at (45-45)…on the way towards what I predicted would be an (81-81) season, and real progress. Why mess at all with what has helped with this turnaround?

Let the Padres grow the rest of the season, then determine how to build on it come the off season. This has been a fun first half of the season, and people on the outside want to make changes after all the bad years of baseball we have seen?

Fake News. Faulty opinions. Stop the stupid stuff will you?


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