1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Padres-Trust the Team-Trust the Doctors”

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“Trust the Padres–Trust the Doctors”


The Padres season is not over.
They got a scare with the Fernando Tatis medical reports.
The shoulder dislocation is minor; the labrum tear is minor.
A new weight program over the next days should help him heal.
There is not a risk of further severe damage if he gets hurt again.

The Padres say what happened to him in the minors has nothing to do with the current shoulder dislocation.

The Padres said the series of nagging injuries Tatis has had, are not related to what happened on Monday night.

Yes there is a history of him getting hurt, but that comes from hard play not a continuation of breakdowns.  They are all separate issues:
..Shoulder twinge in Class A ball
..Stress reaction in lower back swinging bat
..Broken finger sliding into base
..Groin injury running bases
..Shoulder dislocation swinging bat

There has been no coverup by the Padres about the backlog of injuries.

If there were something chronic with that shoulder, I doubt they would have given him a 340M-contract covering the next decade plus.

Tatis has a history of being a ‘quick healer’.
He has a history of being fanatical about new weight programs.
He has bounced back before and embraced what the Padres want.
He has a good medical team around him for his health-technique.

Can he change his style of play?  That is the debate-to reteach him when to dive, when not to dive, when to slide and how to slide.

It’s been something to see the fans and some in the media try to connect the dots  on Tatis and turn all this into a negative.  The way he plays makes him a star.  The way he leads makes everyone else in the lineup better.

The key will be when the Padres come off this 7-game road trip to Texas and Pittsburgh.  Tatis is due to come off the DL at that point and they believe with what they will do in his rehab program, will help him maintain health.

The lousy start…Five games (.167BA-7K-5Errors) has nothing to do with health, pain or attitude.  All players have bad stretches.  To theorize anything different is wrong use of social media or sports-talk radio or ill-written columns.  The absurdity of those saying they want the fans to think he’ll be ready to play against the Dodgers after the road trips so ‘they can sell more tickets’.

Give Tatis time to go thru what is ahead.
Give trust to AJ Preller and the Padres team doctors.
Don’t give up..for there are still 156-more games to be played.

Trust the process


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