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“Padres–Where Are We Today”


The marquee names are pretty much swept off the board.

Now the signings of baseball’s second tier of free agents, and then fill in guys.

The Padtes continue to be active since he Xander Bogaerts signing that was a ‘neo light acquisition, all 11-years and 280M of it.

A quick look at the new names coming to San Diego, go replace the 9-guys who weng on the market.

XANDER BOGAERTS….Huge investment for a quality player and clubhouse leader.  A career (.292) hitter who can drive it out and spray it too.  A rock solid star.

SETH LUGO…New York Mets version of San Diego’s Nick Martinez.  Starter-turned-reliever who wants to start again.  Fought thru elbow problems, big bounceback season a year ago.  Good value because willing to do both roles.

MATT CARPENTER…Comeback player of the year with Yankees after solid career with Cardinals.  Was hitting (.305-15HR) when he got hurt end of year.  Can play, will play, wants to play lots different positions.  Heir apparent to Brandon Drury.

DAVID DAHL…Once upon a time solid hitter with Colorado Rockies, but derailed by injuries.  Short spell with Arizona.  If healthy can play lots of jobs.  Only time will tell.

JULIO TEHERAN…Rock solid starter in Braves rotation for four years then overtaken by shoulder problems.  Bounced around a bit, but got him at bargain price and this team has a history of helping pitchers come back from arm problems.  Much like Dahl situation, getting what was a solid starter in Atlanta or the one that has bounced around three years in a row?  But you can ignore (78-77) career mark and those double digit win totals in Atlanta.  They may have stolen one if he is healthy.

PEDRO SEVERINO…Catcher who is probably better hitter than what is on roster right now, but doubt he has the glove.  Maybe an insurance policy more than anything else.  Once promising start with Brewers, then drug suspension knocked him out.  Wound up with Orioles last year in backup job.

SEAN POPPIN…Ex A’s long reliever and part time starter.  Probably a 4A-pitcher, meaning up and down back and forth from El Paso.  Up and down with Diamondbacks, Pirates, Twins but career (5.08-ERA).  They must see something with his stuff.

AARON BROOKS…Once hot prospect, just has not been able to stay on the mound in the majors.  On his 7th team now, but many thought would do well when he first came up with Cardinals. He is just (9-13) with a 6.55-ERA in his stops with Cards-A’s-Orioles.   Prove yourself spring training for him.

ANDERSON ESPINOZA…Came in a trade from the Red Sox years ago, rehabbed two years, never quite dominant in the minors, then was traded off.  The Red Sox and Cubs gave him a look and let him go on the open market.  Health issues have stalled him.  Who knows?

MAX SCHROCK…Minor league 2nd baseman from Cardinals farm system, likely a PCL player.

DREW CARLTON…Came from Tigers farm system, had really strong minor league season last year, (2.07-ERA), in bounceback season.

RAUL BRITO…Short career in minor leagues, had a good season in lower minors last year.  Destination San Antonio-AA likely.

TIM LOPES…Career minor league infielder and cup of coffee in majors.  Probably a minor league guy like Schrock.

It’s interesting who is still out there.  Will Myers? Eric Hosmer? Craig Stammen?

Nine acquisitions so far.  See if there is much budget space left.  Surely alot of mid-level f=veteran free agents still out there.


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