1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Sean Payton Decides Denver”

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“Broncos-Save Themselves”


The best coaching opening appears to have been filled in the NFL.

The new owners of the Denver Broncos have done a U-Turn avoiding falling into the abyss and possibly saving their credibility.

Both sides appear to have ‘given in’ and now Sean Payton is expected to try and resurrect the once proud Broncos, after he led the forever awful New Orleans Saints to the Super Bowl.

It was a complex puzzle to put together, because the Broncos hiring of Payton, involved more than his (152-89) regular season record; more than his (9-8) post season record; more than winning a Super Bowl with the Saints.

It involved player decision making power.  It involved 15M a year pay. It involved allowing him to bring a possible entire front office with him.  It involved giving up high draft picks.

Denver is getting the deal done because both sides gave.

The Broncos agreed to give up this years #4th round pick and next year’s #1…or this year’s #1 and a #2 next year to free Payton from his Saints contract.
It’s a steep price, but this is success you are hiring.  Denver also gets a draft pick back in the deal.

Payton gave up his demand to have a right to bring in his front office entourage from New Orleans, though he will have a say on the makeup of the roster, while George Paton remains the General Manager.

What we know is Payton’s smarts and his playbook will be handed over to Russel Wilson, who still has gas left in the tank.  There is no doubt what Payton says in game-plans will go, because his track record shows his offense works.

So does his hard coaching of quarterbacks and the fact he reinvented Drew Brees career coming off major surgery.

There should be no doubts about his ability to sign players, the drafting of talents like Alvin Kamara and Michael Thomas, and what Payton did in getting players to fit his defense.

Yes he was suspended for a year for ‘Bountygate’ and the Saints paid an atrocious amount in fines and draft picks for the head hunting scandal.

Payton comes off a year on the TV anchor set, to recharge his battery.

He walked in the Denver door with a stud running back, a group of speed wide receivers, the return to health of his left tackle, and a defense that was ranked #1 most of the past season in an otherwise dismal Denver season.

The Walton family, the new owners, made a horrid decision in the Nathaniel Hackett hiring.  Their 70M wealth did not mean anything to the fans, because the team was a gruesome (5-12) record.

But that is washed away now with Payton’s arrival.

And suddenly Denver becomes a player again in the AFC-West because the Payton coaching resume carries so much clout.

The Chiefs are headed to the Super Bowl; the Chargers believe they are close; the Broncos can now say they are back.

People across the table from each other..changing their minds, got this deal done.  Sean Payton in Denver.  Think it was the best of all the jobs that were open, and now it’s filled.




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  1. Kevin Marty says:

    Staley will have to up his game or it could be the end for him.

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