1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Sean Payton-NFL–What Price Will You Pay”

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“Would You Pay the Price?”


How badly do you want a Super Bowl coach to take over your team?

You are Denver, Indianapolis, Carolina, Houston, Arizona.

You need a leader to fix your downfallen franchise.
You need a coach to build around your star quarterback.
You need a coach to go find the next young star quarterback in the league.

So are you willing to pay this coach 15M a year?
Are you willing to give him total control over your football operation?
Are you willing to give up two first round draft picks compensation to get him?

So that is what is going on in front offices in Denver, Houston, Tempe, Charlotte and Indianapolis.

Sean Payton wants it his way.
Give him a record salary.
Give him complete control of football operations.
Give his former team the draft pick compensation they want.

Is it worth it to forfeit the future draft picks, the currency you would need to fix your team?

Is it worth wiping out your front office to let him make all the player-roster decisions?

Do you need checks and balances when it comes to roster moves?

New Orleans saw the Raiders and Tampa Bay swap two number 1-picks plus 2nd and 3rd round picks in the Jon Gruden trade that got the Bucs to the Super Bowl.

They know the history of the East Coast deals between the Patriots-Giants-Jets involving both Bill Parcells and Bill Belichick, deals that involved #1 picks, plus #2-3-4-5 picks in different deals.

Thus the Saints demand of multiple #1-deals in future years for Payton.

The coach built his reputation around developing quarterbacks and hi-octane offenses.  Whether that was finding Michael Thomas or Alvin Kamara.  Whether that was resurrecting QB-Drew Brees.

The record book shows Payton with a (152-89) record in 15-years with the Saints.  A (9-8) playoff record.  A Super Bowl trophy.  And only 4-losing seasons in his career.

A decision is coming shortly, but it may turn out to be a surprise, but there are complications.

As of Tuesday night, Denver may be backing away from a Payton deal, despite having Russell Wilson at quarterback, a group of fast young-receivers and a highly ranked defense.  The Broncos don’t want to give up multiple #1 picks after the price paid to get Wilson from Seattle.  They may not be willing to remove the power of GM-George Paton.

In Houston, they are going to get a QB with their 2nd pick in the opening round. Maybe keeping all their choices is critical to a rebuild of a thread-bare roster.  And then there is the status of 2nd year GM-Nick Caserio.

In Arizona, they just hired a new GM and don’t want battle lines if Payton shows up, and who knows the depth of the problems of QB-Kyler Murray and his poor work-habit reputation.

In Indianapolis, they have no QB, have a GM who is still in place, and whoever comes in has to deal with Jim Irsay’s hands-on tampering reputation.

In Carolina, the owner is pushy and David Tepper has made lots of mistakes too with his football decisions.  Do you want to work in that chaos?

And here is the asterisk* next to Sean Payton’s name.  Maybe he does TV for another year, and sees what happens in the 2023-season to Mike McCarthy in Dallas (30-20) or the Chargers’ Brandon Staley (19-15),maybe his  two coveted jobs.

But then again Payton would have to deal with the relentless power of Jerry Jones, or the horrid decision making history of Dean Spanos.

So now we sit asking all these questions about Sean Payton’s wishes and demands, and the people out there who wield power and will make the decisions.

What would you do? And at what price?


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