1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Soccer-Big Name Team-Big Scandal”

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“Dark Day in Soccer”

A very good franchise in the England Premier League, has a very bad problem.

Legendary power Manchester City is facing historic sanctions from the league, for a historic number of violations of the Fair Play Laws that govern the 20-teams in the EPL.

Fair Play is the English term  for ‘salary cap’, where there are checks and balances as to how you operate your franchise financially.

Limits on salaries, bonuses, marketing fees.  A cap and rules that all financial documents need to be reported.

It did not happen over a 9-year span, as Manchester City, owned by a Saudi group, refused to make documents available, filed possible  false documents about expenses, payouts, and incoming revenue streams.  They refused to cooperate with the probe.

The EPL released a staggering array of violations, 101-in all against City.

The sanctions could be staggering.  The EPL can strip City of points from games this year, possibly putting the franchise into relegation zone.  They could fine them 1B-dollars in fines.  They can ban them from playing in the lucrative club tournaments like UEFA and others.  They could ban the franchise from playing in the EPL.

The rage is everywhere in Europe.  The implications could spread from here to there to everywhere.

Stay tuned because this could become Soccer’s Darkest Day..


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