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‘This N That’


PADRES…Stunning news Bob Melvin is undergoing Prostate Cancer Surgery on Wednesday.  Condition came out of nowhere.  Baseball people get physicals each year and Melvin had no idea he had prostate issues at his age.  Hope it is good news.

PADRES ARMS…They are coming.  Good news on Tuesday-Blake Snell dominant in final rehab start El Paso (5inn-1R-3H-7K)….Equally good news Adrian Morejon, first start after a year off because of elbow surgery, goes (3inn-1R-2H-5K) in rehab start at Lake Elsinore…We need good news.

PADRES TV..miss not hearing Don Orsillon on games this week.

SWAGG CHAIN SUMMER….I’d break the designer jewelry out if they were hitting, but they are not hitting are then?

DODGERS…LA pounds out 8-doubles in a blowout win in Pittsburgh.  Jusin Turner has four hits, may be that gets him going.  By the way, Cody Bellinger not hitting again.  Just a mechanical mess.

ANGELS…That’s 20-wins on the season.  Bunch of guys hitting and making a big difference in what appears to be their division to take, considering Houston is no longer what the Astros used to be.

HALOS NO NO…Reid Detmers throws a no hitter in 12-0 blast furnace win over Tampa Bay.  No one expected that at such a young age.

LAKERS…Jeannie Buss ends her silence, defending whom she relies on for advice.  Understand Phil Jackson, don’t understand Magic Johnson, and Kurt Rambis, he hasn’t done anything since he was a power forward player.  She still believes in Rob Pelinka as GM, and that is a problem.

BROOKLYN…What a fiasco, James Harden did not fit, Ben Simmons came and got hurt, and Kyrie Irving refused the vaccine, and missed 59-games total.  Now Irving is calling himself a ‘martyr’ for the way he’s being treated by fans and media as the team flames out in the playoffs.

GOLDEN STATE…Look what they are doing  with the Splash Brothers, Klay and Steph coming back from injuries.  Jordan Poole has been such a difference maker in the playoffs.  And they don’t have young draftees Jon Kuminga nor James Wiseman healthy.

ANTONIO BROWN…Can’t find a job because he can’t keep his mouth shut.  Latest example his trash talking on Colin Kaepernick’s attempted comeback.  Shut Up-go away.

EDMONTON…Coolest thing to see, ..Opera star, wearing Oilers jersey, sings O-Canada anthem sitting in middle of fans decked out in Edmonton jerseys, and then fans take over and sing rest of anthem

MAPLE LEAF SQUARE…You cannot buy a ticket to to see the Maple Leafs, always sold out, but you can stand outside the arena, fill the streets, watch the game on big screen TVs and go crazy when the Leafs explode against Tampa Bay.

ESPN…Nice choice having Leah Hextall doing NHL play-by-play on the network during the playoffs.  Screeching style, fingernails on a blackboard quality,  and just overbearing.  So many great NHL voices out there and we get this as your best talent.  Getting skewered on twitter.

SOCKERS…Great season (29-1-1) and winning another indoor title.  Sean Bowers great job in player acquisitions.

USFL….Anyone watching spring football on TV?  Anyone?  Didn’t think so.

TOM BRADY…Big bucks, 10Y-350M contact to become an analyst for Fox TV when he retires.  Nice work if you can get it.



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